11 Jun

I REALLY want to go to Paris….so I’ve entered a contest and am sharing it with you. However, if you choose to not enter, I won’t be offended 😛


If you do win….can I go with you? I don’t snore! 🙂



She’s Here!

14 Feb

Another little monkey to add to our family. Kira Emmalin 🙂

She was 7 pounds, 5 ounces and 20 inches long. Already she’s a great sleeper and Paige has been fantastic. But my Mom has been here for a week and she just left, so now we’ll really see how it all goes. Welcome to my new baby girl!


19 Dec

I’m one who likes things out in the open. I know tons of people that keep things close, but if I’m stewing about a situation, I want others to know about it.

But all the same, I don’t think I’m quite ready to go all-out on the current problem. At least, not on this very public blog.

I do need prayers though. Prayers for my family…which is going through a bit of a crisis right now. Prayers than a 10-month old child isn’t continuously used as a pawn by her parents and that she be allowed to see her family for the holidays. Prayers that I can stop my mouth from shouting out the truth because it’s doing more harm than good. Prayers that we, as a family, can stand our ground and prove that we can’t be walked over anymore by a pain in the tush teenager. Prayers that my brother FINALLY grows up and acts like the man he’s supposed to be.

Things could be worse, as always, but we’re struggling and it’s making the joyful holidays a nightmare that just won’t stop. I just want to be able to NOT cry on Christmas day…I’ve already had my 2-year old attempt to calm me down and I don’t really want to have to repeat that in front of her. She doesn’t need it.

I wish there was an easy way to make two very immature people grow up. But I also wish there was an easy way for me to not speak my mind with such crassness. I blame that on the fact that I spent 20+ years holding my tongue and I’ve lost that filter. Still, the truth (as truthful as it is), doesn’t always make a situation better. And while things need to be said and the enabling needs to be stopped, a child is being used as a pawn because her parents don’t like the truth. They are punishing the ONLY people that have put up with their crap and shoving them out of their lives, in turn, hurting a baby girl that I (and my parents) care deeply for.

So prayers. Please. I need them for peace, sanity, and anything else that would help this absolutely AWFUL situation.



9 Dec

Holy fall and winter chaos people….I’m so sorry that it’s been 2 months since I’ve updated!

First an foremost – we have a baby girl on the way. Kira Emmalin F. should be here within 6 to 9 weeks, since I’m already at 30 weeks and 4 days. For the record, Paige came 1 day short of 37 weeks, so we’ll see if Kira decides to start coming on her own or if she’ll be evicted. Yes, c-section #2, will be happening – which is why I know she’ll be here within 9 weeks. Makes it nice to count down, but we still have that unknown if she decides to come on her own.

I’m starting to home school Paige. At 2 years and  3 months, she’s a little young, but she picks up so much. She knows her numbers and can recognize up to 11 (in both English and Spanish), she knows all of her letters (both upper and lower case), colors, most shapes, she can follow directions, mimics rhythms, loves to read…and more I’m not remembering. Her vocabulary is exploding, so it’s just a waiting game until she can re-tell us stories. She is definitely NOT ready for potty training though…which is fine. I have no intentions of rushing that. I think too many people rush it and I’m sure she’ll do it when she’s ready.

Cloth diapering is going great and I seem to have a system down. I still have disposables on hand for days when we go out all day (especially when I know it’s pooping time and that we won’t be home until long after it usually happens) or short weekends when I don’t want to drag the laundry around. I have come to find that I really don’t like disposables though…there is ALWAYS a leak with them and I rarely have a leak in cloth (and that’s usually when I leave it for far too long).

I joined the local MOPS group and can’t believe I didn’t do this before now. It’s GREAT to get out of the house for a few hours and really talk about things with other moms. Helps that they have great people to watch the kids, so Paige likes going to play. It will be better when she’s old enough to move rooms so she has more structure (she’s probably the oldest in her room). I really like the ladies that I’m grouped with and actually ended up in the group with one of the pastor’s wives from the church we joined. I didn’t even realize that until this morning, but it’s nice to be able to see her in a “human” factor.

I do believe that is my catch up for the past few months. We’ve been traveling like crazy, but I’m happy that we’re finally in the final stretch with this pregnancy, with Mom’s thyroid treatments, and with the holidays. It’s just been a busy and crazy couple of months 🙂



Tomorrow, Tomorrow!

7 Oct

Tomorrow we find out if the little peanut (who is STILL insisting on making me ill) is a Ryker or a Kira. I’m excited and don’t really care either way, even though I keep telling Dave that it’s going to be another girl.

So you – what’s your guess? Team hotdog (lol)?

I’m ready to find out. See, I’m a planner. I’m ready to start working on the nursery again, ready to pick up a few new cute outfits (though we’re going to be huge on hand-me-downs!), ready to start calling the child by their name. I’m also ready to start having a few chit-chats a day about how they shouldn’t be making mommy so stinking sick all of the time.

Paige will be going with us and I’m hoping that helps her understand a little more. She knows that she’s going to be a big sister, but she’s still a little young to fully grasp the situation. However, she is SO incredibly smart that I wouldn’t really put anything past her.

I’ll update and let you know what we’re having tomorrow evening 🙂



Too Quickly

17 Sep

How does this:

Become this:

So stinkin’ quickly? Dude…where’s my pause button!


48 Hours In…

25 Aug

Well, we’re now 48 hours into cloth diapering and I couldn’t be happier. Granted, the dealing with poop has almost triggered the gag reflex a few times (the diaper today smelled SO BAD), but at least it’s all been easily cleaned up. I’ve got the first load of dirty diapers in the wash, so hopefully it will all wash out and we’ll be good.

I ended up having way more than I need for a 2 year old, so we might not have to buy too much for the new baby. I did find that I now LOVE flats. I like the idea of just having the diapers with the pads you change out, but by putting a flat on her (folded to catch poop) when I know she’s going to poop (yes, I usually know which diaper will be a poopy one), I make it so much easier to clean up and I don’t stain the pads. I’d rather replace flats (that I can get at Target for cheap), instead of the pads for my Flip diapers.

I was able to purchase a huge bag of stuff from a lady on craigslist which included about 8 covers (mostly Thirsties), almost 24 prefolds, a couple snappies, and a wet bag for $60. Granted, not everything is in great condition, but I can always replace as we go and I’m sure they still have lots of life in them. I still really like the Flip and Thirsties systems…just so easy to use. I’m sure an AIO would be fantastic, but not knowing better, I like the system I have going.

So all in all, I’ve spent a total of $270 ($60 on the Flip; $120 at Amazon for Thirsties, trash can, and reusable diaper pail liner; $60 off of craigslist; $30 at Target) to get us going. And like I said, we really don’t have much to buy for baby #2. I probably will try to get about 6 newborn/small diaper covers, but we’ve got enough prefolds and flats. Of course, I can see buying 1 or 2 more packs of flats….so we’ll say I may spend about $100 more. So $370 on two/three kids for diapers/training pants.

I love that I can use Melaleuca products since they are all natural. I’m really hoping that they work out completely and I don’t have to purchase extra detergent. I did have to buy (which was added into the Target amount) a different  diaper rash medicine. I ended up just getting California Baby spray stuff that also helps you clean after diaper changes. I’m not comfortable getting an ointment, so we might end up having to put the babies into disposables when they have a rash…don’t really want to risk getting something on the diapers that won’t allow them to soak up fluids anymore.

After changing a couple of poopy diapers, I’ve also decided to just do cloth wipes as well. It just makes sense, you know? I can just throw the wipe in with the diaper to get washed instead of having just two little things to throw away. And it’s not like cloth wipes are anything special…you can pretty much just use a baby wash cloth with water (or the CB spray I purchase). We don’t wipe Paige after every diaper change (it actually helps keep the diaper rashes at bay), so it’s not like I’m adding tons of laundry.

Okay…enough on diapering. Can you tell this is the focus of my every day life right now? Well, when I’m not concentrating on not puking. The meds work, but I can’t just pop a pill, especially if I’m out and about. They kind of take me out of commission for 20 minutes, so I don’t take them as often as I probably should. It is nice to be able to get out and about every now and then…but I can’t be in a store for more than 30 minutes. Apparently, it’s a trigger for me and I start feeling just absolutely horrible. I have thrown up on the meds, so they aren’t a perfect remedy.

And speaking of nausea, it’s time for me to end this because it’s been a bad evening for it and staring at the computer screen doesn’t exactly help.