Baby, I’d Fall For You

12 May

Those who’ve read my twitter know that last night, at approximately 11:30pm, I fell getting out of the shower. Hi, my name is Kelley and I’m 26. Thank God I didn’t break a hip.

Earlier, I had given Paige a bath (okay, okay…so we both bathed. I enjoy a good bubble bath too!) and used a new wash. It’s Johnson’s and Johnson’s baby bubble Bath. Paige is fascinated with bubbles, so while it won’t be an every bath addition, I thought it would be fun. Plus, it has a pretty decent smell. Nothing like coming out of the bath smelling like a baby to make the husband happy. But I digress.

We splashed, we played, Paige face-planted at least once (she’s learning to hold her breath, right?)…it was all good.

Once she was finished and the water was cool, I passed her off to daddy so I could shower and get to bed at a decent hour. I think the combination of my conditioner (Biolage Ultra-mosturizing, I believe is the current obsession) and her bubble bath created a film on the floor of the shower that riveled the slickness of freshly zambonied ice. Considering my extreme uncoordination on ice, I should’ve known that I didn’t stand a chance.

And down I went.

Managed to cut two of my fingers because I grabbed the side of the tub, bruised up my arm as it hit the soap dish on the way down, stubbed my toes in the drain, and landed right on my left hip.

I was down for a good 2 minutes while I assessed the situation and made sure I wasn’t seriously injured. Then I bounded back up, exclaiming to Dave that it didn’t hurt that bad.

Yeah…should’ve waited until today.

I ache, I cringe when I move, I feel about 20 years older than my actual age.

Tylenol with a side of rum please!

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