Building Chronicals Pt. 2

19 May

Over the weekend, we met with the security experts at Brinks to discuss the system that would be set up in our new! house! While the presentation wasn’t the most organized, I think we’ve got things set up. I’m so excited to be able to go to sleep and know that I’m protected or to go on vacation and know that someone will know if the house is being broken in to.

All of our doors and downstairs windows will be contacted, plus the windows in Paige’s room and the spare room (which will be baby #2’s room) will be contacted as well. No sneaking out of our house!

We’ll have two keypads, so we can easily get to one if there happens to be a problem. And considering we’re thinking about giving up the house phone, we feel the need to have SOMETHING. Though if Cincinnati Bell is decent with service, we may be transferring to their company (cell + internet + home phone = $115, whereas we’re paying $95 for cell and $65 for home phone + internet) and keeping the house line.

I’m excited to have the house wired for security and excited that this is going to be MY house that I can make all the decisions about. Okay, so the husband has to agree…but you all know he’ll go my way :-P.

Now they just need to actually break ground…

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