21 May

I need someone to come kick some ass…seriously.

I know someone is checking this blog from Marietta – I hope it’s only my mom.

Because I got another e-mail from the bitch’s friends.

I, officially, hate this woman and all of her friends.

I am not cowardly, I’ve told her everything she has done wrong. Plus, she knows of more. Do you know that she tried to turn me against my step-mother-in-law? She practically told me that P was a complete and total bitch. I was TERRIFIED to visit Dave’s dad. But now…I know that B just doesn’t want me to like anyone else. She wants everyone to think she is this innocent victim and nothing could be farther from the truth.

I will NEVER regret my actions or my decisions. Paige will never with alone with B, she will always have to be with me, and places like her home and her place of work are off-limits.

I might have to go password protected for a while…let me know if you want to read and I’ll e-mail you the pw. We’ll see what happens.

One Response to “Continuing”

  1. Catherine May 21, 2009 at 4:12 pm #

    Okay, you got me hooked into this family drama of yours. I scanned your blog for the juicy details — like I don’t have enough drama in my life I have to snoop into others as well — and my curiosity is totally piqued!

    So why would your MIL and cronies be harrassing you? You seem perfectly normal to me. Your little girl is gorgeous bytheway!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog so much!! It means the world to me! I will be back to see yours… and I promise that when I do, I will always comment 🙂

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