21 May

Yesterday, I had 133 visits to my blog.



I installed clicky (tracking) to see who was stopping by and apparently, I’ve been commenting on quite a few California bloggers. I hope that you keep coming by and I really hope that you start commenting.


Pretty please?

Enough groveling.

I actually took time tonight to sit down and play through a few piano pieces. Something I don’t often take the time to do and probably should. After all, I have 15 years of lessons behind me, my own piano, and a library of piano music that rivals most other private libraries (thank you half-price books!).

My piano playing is quite rusty for me, I really should work back up to where I once was. Nor was my voice up to par with what it has been in the past. But I’m not horrible. In fact, I’m quite good (Hi, my name is Kelley and I can be quite narcissistic). Almost a year off has taken it’s toll on me though.

I wish I had more outlets for my music. I would love to join a choir or play in a band again, but I lack the motivation. In fact, my poor guitar has been tuned twice in the past 6 months. I think it’s feeling quite neglected.

Could someone come and kick my butt in gear? I should be using my talents and not letting them atrophe to the point of un-recognition.

Seriously, a virtual ass-kicking might be just what I need. Of course, if you live close, I could give you a private concert. *winks*

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