26 May

Like most everyone else I’ve read/talked to…we had quite the busy weekend.

Starting on Friday, we had an incident at the house. Something that I agree with my mom in not explaining online. With everything going on with my MIL, I can’t take the chance that it would be blown WAY out of proportion. But it was a great thing that my mom came to visit for the weekend. She was able to take Paige for me so I could calm down. (It happened about 30 minutes before she arrived). *sigh* Parenthood sucks sometimes…

We took Mom up to where the new house is to be built. Didn’t get to go in because we were running a little late for the game. Oh well. Took Paige to her 2nd Reds game (lucky girl!), where the lost to the Indians. Only fitting that the one game Mom has gone to, her Indians beat our Reds. Good seats and a good time, even if it ended up being a VERY late night for Paige.




Mom came over for 2 reasons: to go the game and to babysit (we are still lacking severely in a babysitter around here). So on Sunday, Dave and I took off. We first went to see Angels and Demons (not impressed…book is WAY better) and later in the evening, went to Kings Island to see Collective Soul. It was a decent show and it really amazed me how many songs I knew. However…I saw TONS of little kids there (think 3 and under) and it was LOUD. Loud enough that my ears were hurting. I understand that it being “free” and at Kings Island probably had more people bring kids than normal and that the songs weren’t profanity-ridden, but really?

Anyway…we even had the chance to jump on Son of the Beast after the concert, where it became extremely apparent that I have GOT to do something about the baby belly. It REALLY stinks that I’m lighter than before giving birth…however, everything has gravitated south. NOT.FAIR. So goal this summer is to start losing the belly. I could stand to lose quite a bit of weight, but will be happy to get just a few inches from my waist gone. Unfortunately, I like the current breast situation and every woman knows those are the first to go. *sigh*

So the ride – HOLY CRAP was it freaky. Now, I love roller coasters. Really. But I didn’t realize that Kings Island doesn’t light up their rides like Cedar Point does and that is one LONG coaster when you can’t see where you’re going. I’m excited to go back and see what else the park has to offer.

My grandparents and dad came over yesterday, which was good since they haven’t seen Paige since Christmas. I hate that the bitch has seen her more than my dad. I drove them up to the new place and the house just two doors over (which is almost exactly our house) was open. So we were able to go through what will, essentially, be our house. Doing this allowed me to see a change they made in their house that I liked…so I’ve got a call into our person with hopes that we can do the same (they didn’t put up the half-wall in between the breakfast nook and family room – opens it up so much!). If they can’t do it, then that will be something we’ll be considering knocking down before we move in.


They ended up leaving before 7, Paige went to bed around 10:30, and I wasn’t too far behind her. It was one of those 12-hour sleeps for us both.

So that’s it in a nutshell. I’ll hopefully have more time to blog this week, but we’ll see.


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