8 Jun

Somehow, I’ve managed to fry yet another hard drive. I have to send it in to get fixed (hey, at least it’s on a warranty, right?), but will probably be without my precious laptop for 3 weeks. *cries*

We at least have the desktop and I’m working on recovering my files. Thankfully, I purchased a program a few years ago that’s been absolutely amazing. It’s called Recover My Files from (no, they totally aren’t paying me). For $70 (I think I paid $90 to get the cd), it finds everything. For instance, I’m running it on my CF cards to get pictures from my cousin’s wedding that was on Saturday (damn drive crashed after I reformatted the stupid things). But it looks like they will be found.

So if I’m MIA for a while, it’s because Dave and I now have to share the desktop. This does not bode well for my marriage (we are both, admittedly, computer hogs), so cross your fingers that they fix and ship my drive back very, very quickly.

House update later 🙂


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