The Building Chronicals pt. 5

25 Jun

The past week has been a busy one for the house. They’ve got it pretty much all framed up, which is decently quick since the lumber wasn’t delivered until Wednesday night. They had the first floor done by Saturday and it looks pretty close to being finished (well, this step) today. Unfortunately, there’s a problem.


Dave and I opted to put in a luxury bath for us. We like the idea of having a separate shower (I like it for the times that I can’t lift my legs. Taking a shower after my c-section SUCKED because I had to lift my leg so high) and I really wanted the extra window in the bathroom. Well, it appears as though they didn’t put it in. The window isn’t there and it looks like they framed out a closet. So I get to call the guy in charge (foreman?) and make sure they FIX IT this week. Dude…that bathroom is costing us something like $3000 extra. They WILL get it right.

I worry that, because they didn’t frame it correctly, the soaking tub and shower weren’t ordered. So I really want to jump on this now and hope that it doesn’t screw up the construction schedule.

But if this is the only mix-up we have (and is something that can be fixed, especially since we {i} caught it so early), I will be happy.

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