24 Jul

We’re currently in Sunset Beach, NC and loving (almost) every minute of it. As of tomorrow, we’ll be headed back to sunny Ohio (joy) and back to life. But things have changed…as is usual.

The good:

Paige is saying uh-oh. I seriously need to get that on video. It reminds me of Heather’s video of Maddie saying “wow”. The innocence of youth, the amazingness (yes, I just made up a word) of watching a child learn how to do new things. She’s crawling so fast and has been standing by herself more. She listens to “no”

Dave and I have re-connected. We’ve needed this…talking, relaxing, just being. We’ll be going back to a stress-filled life, so a short break was much needed.

Family – I love seeing my cousins, love being able to spend time with my aunt, love that I can actually get along with mom and Bruce, love seeing the boys as they get older.

The beach is amazing. I wish I could see the bottom (a la the Keys), but it’s so relaxing to float along on the waves and thrilling to ride a wave to the shore. It’s not too crowded and has been the perfect temp all week.

Perspective – Congrats to Heather and Mike. Your story has made us fully enjoy what god has given us and I am SO EXCITED for you both.

The bad:

Dave’s mother and grandmother have not given up. It’s gotten to the point where Dave is going to have to make some tough choices. Choices that, quite frankly, I was hoping we’d be able to avoid having to make. But they are digging their own grave. The nasty e-mails have got to stop and since they aren’t respecting my wishes to stop contacting me, it’s time to cut off all ties.

The twins – totally still in the terrible 2’s and won’t.give.up. until they get what they want. Makes me fear for when Paige hits that age! They are still TOTALLY adorable and I love them dearly, but after two weeks, I’m ready to go back to my quiet life. (I do hope no one takes offense at this. They are just being kids, it’s just a tough situation)

Regardless, I love vacation. I love the beach, I love relaxing and not having to do much (although my “much” is much different that my “much” from last year.).  I am looking forward to going back to reality. Our house should be pretty close to completed (as far as structural and flooring is concerned), which is always exciting. So the packing can finally commence. Down to less than 2 months until we move…I can’t believe how quickly this summer has flown.

I’ll be back to my “normal” blogging schedule soon. 🙂

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