One year ago…

28 Jul

Dave was sitting for the bar exam. One of the single, most important tests he’ll ever have to take, one that would define our lives.

Thankfully, he passed. But DUDE…it was a HARD 6 months (3 months of him stressing/studying and 3 months of waiting for the stupid results).

I remember this week…I was 32 weeks pregnant and had just been told on Monday (the day before the bar started) that I had a very good possibility of having the baby and soon. Umm…thanks. (Ps…didn’t deliver until September 3rd…THANKS FOR SCARING THE CRAP OUT OF ME FOR NOTHING!!!)

Dave would call me each night and recap every.little.detail. about the bar. Thankfully, he took the bar with friends and they were able to relax each evening.

But it’s crazy how much has changed in a year. We’re officially parents, building/purchasing a house, Dave has a nice full-time job…it’s just different.

I’m so grateful to have the life I have.

So, so grateful.


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