The Building Chronicals Pt. 7

31 Jul

So this is technically pt. 6.5 and pt. 7. But they’ve got the siding done, the flooring half-done (need to do the carpeting), all the wiring and plumbing done, drywall finished, and my cabinets installed.

Things I know they need to do (which explains the mid-September date): fill in the porch and step, pour drive-way, do steps out back door, pour patio, finish the lawn (they do so much and then we finish when we move in), install appliances, install bathroom counters and sinks, install all fixtures, carpet, paint, install lighting, and other various small things that I’m sure I’m missing.

But, unless there is some major delay, we’ll be moving in the last weekend of September. Which puts us at t-minus 8 weeks until moving!

8 weeks…oh my GOD.

We’re almost there. The contractor said he was thinking we would have a closing date of between th 17th and the 20th. I would LOVE to have at least a week to do the painting we want to do prior to moving. We’re working on family/friends to come help us out during moving. We can afford pizza and beer if you’re available and would love you forever.

I know it seems like it has taken forever to get to this spot, but it also seems like time has just flown by and I can’t believe we’re so close.



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