The Moving Chronicals pt. 1

3 Aug

Since I’ve been doing a building chronicals while the house has been in construction, I figured I could do a moving chronicals (because it will probably take the same length of time!).

I started packing the dining room on Friday. My goal is to do a few boxes a day, since the last two moves I’ve done I’ve been packing as we move out. Which then leads to chaos and complete and total unorganization. I’ve probably done about 15 boxes so far, with a couple boxes of stuff to get rid of.  I’m trying so hard to get rid of the equivilant of 1 box of stuff for every 5 that I pack. Considering I have 3 HUGE bags of clothes (and more to come), 1 box of books, and a box full of “treasures”, I’m already way ahead. I am SO DONE with clutter.

Since I’ve packed and I’m very proud of that (though we’re at T-minus 7 weeks and 5 days until the big move, it’s time to get going!), I took pictures. Plus, you can see the chaos already reigning in my dining (aka staging/box storage room).

Comments are added to the pictures, but they are pretty explanatory.

Time for me to put monkey-baby down for a nap. 🙂


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