The Building Chronicals pt. 8

7 Aug

Yay! Our lighting is in! And we have a final walk-through date (which means we’re close to having an official closing date)! September 15th, sometime in the morning, we’ll be going through the house to learn how to work the systems, which light-switches control what, and a general make-sure-that-everything-is-right look around. Closing will happen most likely on either the 18th or the 21st. We’d much prefer the 21st (so we can take some loads over that weekend and Dave won’t have to worry so much about leaving work to move stuff), but will just be happy to finally have our own place.



The chandelier in the breakfast area. I lurves it!

008Hello Broadview security. Please keep me and my family safe!

011Thermostat! Very important in Ohio when it can go from 30 to 80 in one day. Yes, I’m serious. AND it’s humid…which is oh so pleasant to those of us with curly hair.

025Bathroom fixtures! We’ll have two of these in our bathroom…but only 2 globes in the powder room

029All downstairs windows and both of the children’s rooms upstairs are contacted.


The knob with the drawer pulls we’re contemplating. Thoughts on the drawer pulls, anyone?

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