10 Aug

From before Paige was born, I said that I wanted her bottle-free by her first birthday.

Now, I’m not talking formula free (no, I did not breast-feed). I just wanted to get rid of the bottles before she became too attached to them.

This was for other reasons too…it’s better for teeth, she drinks her milk faster from a sippy, etc., etc.. She still needs the cuddle time and she still needs the nutrition from the formula, so we’re making changes to ensure that none of that gets compromised.

About a month ago, we took away her morning bottle (she got her milk in a sippy). And when she was at her Oma’s she about ran out of formula, so she had to have cereal for her morning meal and it didn’t bother her at all. So I decided that since we’re moving, I was going to make every attempt to be able to pack the bottles up all together.

I’m happy to announce that we were bottle-free all day today!

I’m going to give it the week before I am positive that she won’t be wanting a bottle. Quite frankly, I think she likes getting her milk out of her sippy cups anyway, so I’m pretty sure we’re done with bottles (until baby #2 shows up at least).

It’s a great feeling to know that she’s progressing so quickly, yet sad that we’re already through with this stage. My little monkey is flying straight through the infant stage and is so close to being a toddler. I still can’t believe she’s almost 1 year old.

Can someone please invent a formula that slows down time?

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