The Moving Chronicals pt. 3

10 Aug

This isn’t a post about the amount of boxes I packed, but is a post I’m sure someone out there will enjoy.

I’ve moved 2 times in the past 3 years. Both times, I moved food, because well, why throw it away? Here’s why…I just cleaned out our pantry (which is a bookshelf in this house…we get a real pantry in the next house!) and got rid of half of our cans because they were expired.

People, we’re not talking cans that expired this year (though I did have one from like March and have two cans that expire this month). we’re talking cans that expired in 2006. Most were 2008, but 2006?! They’ve made it through BOTH moves! I honestly threw away about 15 cans of food….15 cans!! That’s absolutely crazy!

I’ve implemented a meal-plan for us so this doesn’t happen again. We waste food by letting it go bad every.single.time. and I’m sick of it. From now on, I’m only buying what we need.

Here’s another instance of us just holding on to food/beverages. Kristin came over about a week ago and wanted a soda. We had some sitting on a shelf that I thought was okay. Thankfully it was only her (and she noticed before even opening the can) because it expired in 2006.

After going through that one shelf of the pantry and serving Kristin years-old soda, I’m a little scared to go through the rest of the kitchen.

But I promise that if you come visit me after the move…there will be no expired cans/beverages/etc. for me to serve you. 😀

One Response to “The Moving Chronicals pt. 3”

  1. ValeReed August 10, 2009 at 8:17 pm #

    At least they were cans and not potatoes… 🙂

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