13 Aug

There’s been quite a bit of shit going down around these parts lately. Not only do I still have the in-laws mess, but I get to add moving and the current situation regarding friends of mine into the equation.

All of this is equalling a very unhappy, very emotional, very TIRED Kelley.

I’m spreading myself thin, but I can still take it. However…it would be nice for my husband to comfort me. And is this happening? Nope.

His response? “I don’t want to get drug into it”



Your wife is sobbing on the couch and is an OBVIOUS mess and you “don’t want to get drug into it”.

I love my husband, I really do. But times like these are when I wish he was just slightly (okay, quite a bit more) compassionate.

I hate that he can’t give me a hug and tell me that things will work out. I understand that this is not his battle and that it doesn’t effect him like it does me, BUT I NEED SOMEONE TO LEAN ON TOO.

I need to be strong for my friends, we’re all family. Said friend (who I will not name because I’m not sure how she feels about me discussing even minor details online) is like a sister to me. Our friendship has lasted longer than our marriage and we’ve been through more as friends than Dave and I have been through as husband and wife.

Regardless…I’m a mess. There, I’m admitting it. I’m stressed to the extreme breaking point and all I want is a hug from my husband.

One. fucking. hug.

But instead, I get attitude and a small good-night peck.

I need him to grow up and realize this isn’t about him. That WoW shouldn’t replace caring for and helping out your wife. That while this isn’t happening directly to us, IT DOES EFFECT HIM because IT EFFECTS ME.


Something big is going to blow soon.

Just follow the nuclear explosion to Cincinnati and I’m sure you’ll find the remains of my emotions out for everyone to see.

(You know who you are…if you are reading this. DO.NOT.FEEL.GUILTY!!! I am ALWAYS here for you and ALWAYS willing to listen/help/cry. I just needed to vent a little and since Dave is being a prick, this was the current medium of choice)

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