New bed!

15 Aug

Nope, not for me…for Paige!

It’s this one:

It’s not going to be as dark as the one is that she has now, but I’m okay with that. It’s a mini-crib, which means that it’s pretty much the same size as our pack ‘n play. Considering I know people that only put their kids in pack ‘n plays until they are ready for a “real” bed, I’m sure this will be more than fine. It converts to a daybed and a toddler bed, so even though I plan to push her into a full-size bed around 2.5, I doubt she’ll out grow it before the time comes. For the record, it’s as wide as a twin-size bed, which is more than big enough.

I just have gotten SO FREAKING sick of waking up multiple times a night because her alarm goes off (she’s a side-hugger). I have some major hope that by having a smaller area to cover, the alarm will rarely go off.

I don’t feel bad about putting her in a smaller bed when she’s ALWAYS laying the wrong way with her limbs sticking out the sides. This bed is only 2 inches thinner, even though it’s about 14 inches shorter.

We just have no need for another full-size bed (we have two in storage already that were passed down in my family) and I got a decent deal on this bed.

My only real concern is the mattress. I didn’t buy an additional one because there are mixed reviews out there with the included pad (it’s supposed to be 3 inches thick – which is about what Paige’s mattress is now). I’m going to see if we can do without (depending on the state of the included pad), maybe even rigging something up for a while. I know Paige sleeps great on pack ‘n play mattresses (that’s essentially what she slept on the first 5 months of her life), so she doesn’t need a majorly expensive mattress and for safety, she shouldn’t have a soft mattress anyway.

So anyway…it should be here within 2 weeks and if I get her crib sold, she’ll get to sleep in it before we move. If we don’t get her crib sold (which seems unlikely since I just put it up for sale tonight and have already had one serious possible buyer), then she won’t get to sleep in it until we move. I’m pretty excited though. I was so not looking forward to having to run across the house multiple times a night because of a false alarm.

Anyway, enough about a bed that isn’t even mine. I’ll have a “happy family” update at some point…it’s needed :-).


2 Responses to “New bed!”

  1. ValeReed August 16, 2009 at 8:05 pm #

    Alarm? I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

    • paigesmommy August 16, 2009 at 10:10 pm #

      We have the AngelCare monitor system. It sounds an alarm if she stops moving/breathing. Unfortunately, they didn’t make the pad that goes under the mattress big enough to cover a full sized crib, which means it goes off at least once a night. So by getting a smaller bed, I’m hoping it won’t go off as often (because I’m sure that 90% of the alarms are false alarms. However, I won’t take it away just yet because it has caught her a handful of times not breathing. Extremely deep sleep I think {it goes off after 20 seconds of no movement}, but scary enough).

      It’s a pretty cool system and since Paige likes to sleep (she’s been sleeping 10-14 hours a night since she was 3 months old…it’s crazy!), it helps me to keep my sanity…well, sort of :-P.

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