Wedding photography

28 Aug

I have a complaint (sorry).

SO many people I know (including myself) have paid good money for wedding photos. But when they get them back, they are awful. Out of focus, random images, photos that make you look horrible, even when you were at your most beautiful.

Speaking from experience, I had about 5 photos from over 300 that were even decent. Thankfully, 4 of them were what I consider important ones (me by myself, Dave by himself, the wedding party, and one good one of the two of us), but I would’ve liked to have more to show off.

I interviewed our photographer, saw her portfolio, and was assured that she had worked in the church we were getting married in before (since there was no flash photography during the ceremony). 6 weeks after the wedding, I was severely disappointed when I received the images. Then when I finally got the edits back (another 2 months), she didn’t do anything I asked.

Please, if you’re a photographer, don’t over-estimate your abilities. You can retake some pictures, but things like weddings – they only happen once (yes, even if you get married multiple times, the wedding you WANT the pictures of only happens once).

I am not the best photographer and I’m still growing, anyone who hires me knows this! But I’ve only done families and children…the weddings I’ve photographed, I’ve only been an extra and have received no payment. I’d like to break into the scene, but am hesitant for the reasons I’ve mentioned in this post.

And if you’re hiring, make sure to check around as much as possible. The best photographers don’t always charged $5000 for a wedding and the worst photoraphers don’t always work on a dime.

One Response to “Wedding photography”

  1. ValeReed August 29, 2009 at 6:59 pm #

    We paid $200 for a friend (who was a professional photographer but she cut us a deal) to do our wedding. She did a fabulous job AND she let us keep all the proofs. 🙂 I hope that other people can find deals like that!

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