1 Sep

* Mom came over for the weekend and we were able to almost get the basement completely packed up. I didn’t realize how much stuff we had in there! I think we’re gotten rid of about 10 boxes worth of stuff, mostly donations. But we’ve had a few bags of trash as well. Between this culling and the moving sale, we’ll be down AT LEAST one truck AND trailer load of stuff. Makes me feel good to get junk out of the way.

* Due to getting the basement almost finished (I plan to finish it this week), I think we’re finally in a good position for moving. Even if we don’t do any more packing, we’ll be able to move what we have packed the first weekend and finish the rest of it the week in between moving dates.

* Our moving sale Saturday was interesting. We had to actually call the police to have a woman kicked off of our property. The back story: She came about an hour earlier, purchase a TON of stuff (our requested ticketed price was over $240 and we gave it to her for $150), packed it in her car, and left. Came back, stated that she over-paid, and demanded $50 back. We refused, told her to get off of our property because we did the deal as agreed and we weren’t going to give her ANYTHING. I called Mom over (b/c i know she could take the bitch OUT if needed – she’s a corrections officer and deals with scum all the time) and the woman pushed Mom while Mom was holding Paige. Now granted, it wasn’t a hard push (just a shoulder shove) but I went OFF on her because she had Paige in her arms. I told her to get the FUCK off of my property and that you DO NOT touch my mother when she is holding my daughter. And then I called the cops. Cops took about 30 minutes to show up, he got her side, got ours and told her to leave. He started walking back to his car (like he was just going to leave) and I asked him to please stay to make sure she left because I just had this feeling she wasn’t going to just leave. He looked at me like I was crazy and asked what I wanted him to do. About that time she started spouting more crap and my fear was not unfounded because the cop had to yell her off of the property. THEN she pulls out in the street (blocking traffic) and gives the cop an ear-full for another 3 or 4 minutes. He told her that if she came back she would be arrested and she FINALLY left. Because she was more than slightly disturbed, the house is locked up tighter than Fort Knox and we’re on high alert.

* Despite psycho bitch, we had a decent sale. We ended up selling a bunch of stuff and making around $300 (good for a sale of just left-over junk) and Mom made $130. But I realized why I HATE having moving sales and am just donating the rest of the crap.

* I am exhausted.

* I met our new neighbors on Saturday. They seem really nice and I’m even more excited to move. We have a lot of young families around and while that may get annoying at some point, Paige will have lots of friends to play with.

* I bought Paige an Incrediblock Toy at Once Upon A Child. it’s this: http://www.amazon.com/Fisher-Price-C5523-Incrediblock/dp/B0002D0FDW and apparently, it retails on amazon.com for $90 . Yeah, I paid $15 (though they had another marked $25 and the one I bought actually is in better condition. Go figure!). She has a TON of the blocks (probably close to 30 or even more…and I paid $6 for that huge bag that would cost over $100 for what we got), so this will also help with storage. We’ve been using a cloth grocery bag, but I’d like to have my bag back 😛

* Yes, my child is spoiled. But I never pay full price and I figure whatever toys she has will be passed down to future siblings.

* Paige is thisclose to walking. She’s been using her walker and I can see her taking off at any time.

* My baby turns 1 in two days. Where the HELL has the past year gone? Expect a birthday post 🙂

* We close in 17 days and my Dad is planning helping us move enough that weekend for us to live in the house right away. We were already planning on it, so it will be nice to have help. My grandfather is also going to install the mantle he made for us and work on the chair-rails. Haven’t decided how much I’m going to have him do, but I’m going to make the most out of it since he’s the best wood-worker I know!

* Our a/c hasn’t been working, so I just turned the damn thing off. Might as well save a few pennies and since the temperature has dropped, we really only need fans. The landlord said she would get someone to look at it and I think that’s something that desperately needs done. The upstairs isn’t getting anything (and hasn’t….I had to put an electric heater in Paige’s room during the winter) and the duct tape she has patching the pipe downstairs is peeling off. Yeah, she really needs to take care of this house better.

* Dave is still working (he’s home though). At least he’s making up some missed house, but I think he’s been going since 8 this morning. The joys of being a lawyer!

* I need to go to bed. I’d like to get more done tomorrow 🙂


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