The Moving Chronicals, pt. 4

1 Sep

I haven’t really updated about the move lately, so I figured it was time. 🙂

We’ve got the basement about 90% packed up. Yay! I have to re-pack a couple boxes and go through my trunk and then we’ll be done. I even went through our Christmas stuff, where I found a $50 gift card from my aunt and uncle. Oops. But it will come in handy during the move.

We’ve continued to get rid of things and we’ll be making a trip (or 2!) to the Salvation Army to donate the rest of the clothes/nick-knacks/etc. that we have stacking up in the garage. I’m so ready to be clutter-free!

I can’t wait to move out of this house. I’ve spent about $60 on air-tight containers because we got bugs in our dry goods. *sigh* That doesn’t include all of the food I had to throw away. Plus, Paige has woken up with a new spider bite (or more!) every day. I’m just done with the insect infestation that is this house and I hope we don’t bring along any strays (though I’m sure we will). However, I will call the exterminator if this happens at the new house. Here, it’s the landlord’s responsibility.  The HVAC unit stinks (yes, we’re lucky to even have one, but when you do have one, it should work properly!) and doesn’t even have a filter in it.

In 17 days though…I will no longer inhabit this house. I’ll be back to move things, but by God, we’ll be spending the nights at the new place and I can’t wait.

17 days…so close!


One Response to “The Moving Chronicals, pt. 4”

  1. ValeReed September 1, 2009 at 7:44 pm #

    Yay for a no bug house!

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