The Building/Moving Chronicals (pt.? Too lazy to look up)

17 Sep

We close tomorrow at 2. The house has been completed since Tuesday, minus the handful of things that needed fixed when we did the walk-through.

I am more than ready. In fact, the SUV sits in the driveway, already filled to the brim with clothes and necessary items for the new house. We’ll be loading the trailer tonight and filling the car tomorrow (it doesn’t have an alarm system and is easy to break in to or I’d be filling it tonight :-P).

I am so ready and yet, so nervous. I hate moving, I’m constantly worried that our stuff is going to get broken. When we moved last year, we had professional movers and I still worried. This year, we just have family helping out and while they are practically professionals, I’ll still be nervous. Not really that things will get broken, but that they will get hurt. Our current house has steep stairs, random bumps, and an incredibly uneven yard. And considering we have to move a piano, washer, dryer, freeze (in other words, heavy stuff)…I’m just really hoping we get through this without harming someone.

I’m going to get some pictures before we start moving in and maybe sometime next week, I’ll be able to spend some time updating.

For now, I need to get going. Lots to do in the next 27.5 hours!


One Response to “The Building/Moving Chronicals (pt.? Too lazy to look up)”

  1. ValeReed September 17, 2009 at 2:57 pm #

    Good luck!

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