The affair

8 Oct

About 5.5 years ago (oh my God, has it been that long?!), I met a guy. Conveniently, this was almost an exact year after Dave and I started dating.

We weren’t fast friends and I actually doubt that we would’ve been acquaintances, much less friends, had life not pushed us together.

He was my “boss” in a way, but really, you don’t have one boss in a church setting.

There were times when we didn’t get along. Especially that first year when we were feeling out each other. We each wanted things to go our way and didn’t quite understand the other person.

We started talking more, realized that we *gasp* actually got along really well. In the summer of 1000 weddings (one almost every weekend and a couple weekends with more than one service), we spent so much time together that Dave started calling him “the affair”. It’s pretty bad when even family is asking “what’s going on?”.

But it was never anything like that. He was (is) my buddy. No other guy has voluntarily worn cowboy boots and a cowboy hat just to please me. No other guy has voluntarily sung duets with me. (no, not even my husband)  He’s a great friend, someone I wish the absolute best for.

He was the one to help me work through things when Dave and I weren’t doing all that well (I considered calling off the wedding 7 months before it took place). He was the one to marry us and the one to baptize our child. He’s the one who has kept me sane when I’ve been close to the edge, the one whom I’ve been able to be extremely frank with. Yes, even more so than Dave.

He became more than a boss, a pastor, or even a confidante, he became a friend.

Dave knows about us. He’s gone out with the two of us before, but it’s just not the same. Thankfully, Dave is understanding and knows that while we may joke that he’s the affair, nothing will ever happen.

One of the disadvantages of moving so far from my hometown was leaving him. I miss our movie nights, miss hanging out, miss the occasional bar or game night, miss our dinners out. Which is why I make every attempt to get together with him when I have time.

Wednesday can’t come quick enough. It’s always a little strange the first few minutes, but then we’re right back to where we were…confiding in each other, laughing, talking.

An affair…that he is not. But a good friend…make that a GREAT friend. That he is. And everyone needs someone like him in their lives.

You know who you are, even though I’m 100% positive you have no idea this blog exists. Thank you for everything and I can’t wait to see you again.


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