10 Oct

I can take criticism, really, I can!

But I don’t like when people judge and criticize me without knowing the circumstances.

Dave and I went to visit our friends and their beautiful new baby boy. Dave mentioned to them that I would bring my “big” camera so we could get some good shots. Having JUST moved, I can’t find crap. I was able to scrounge up a wicker basket, some padding, and some sheer white curtains to give us something to work with. I had NO backdrops, NO props of my own, NO blanket rolls…in other words, I had NOTHING I was used to using when photographing an infant.

Now, before I go farther…I would do it again, no matter what anyone said. These are my friends and I did it for them. Plus, I LOVE photographing babies.

Anyway…I take a bunch of pictures, put up the curtains to use as a white background (hey, it worked!), and was decently happy with what I was able to turn out. I went ahead and uploaded them on their computer (not something I normally do, but I didn’t see this as a business venture, ya know?), so Mike shared a few (which I essentially told them to do or I would do it! :-P) on facebook.

In checking the pictures (to see which ones he shared), I noticed that someone criticized my choice of background. I was nice about it and let her know that we had limited resources, but it just kind of burned me a little.

“Just a hint…” was how she phrased it.

YES, I know. Thanks. I KNOW they would look better on a darker background, I would’ve much rather had my black background to use for those particular shots. But I have no idea where it’s ended up. I’ll find it eventually, but I didn’t have the chance to find it prior to this weekend.

Do I think she meant it in a malicious way? No, not at all. Maybe she was jealous that I was chosen (even though it just happened, it’s not like I was asked specifically to come for that). I don’t know.

I do know it hurt. Here I’m trying to do something nice for a couple of friends and I’m told that, once again, I’m not good enough and could’ve done better (again, probably not what she meant, but how I’m internalizing it).

Professionally, I can take it. I’m all about learning and growing in photography. But for something like that, something I ALREADY KNOW, it frustrates me.

I just wish she would’ve asked why we stuck with white, instead of assuming I’m a moron who doesn’t know what looks good.


Sorry, I think it’s that time of the month and I’m just more sensitive than normal.



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