Things That Piss Me Off…

3 Dec

Inspired by my loverly cousin Kelsey…instead of the typical happy-go-lucky holiday post, here’s a list of things that I either hate or severely annoy me. 🙂

1) Student Loans. Okay, so seriously…you got us through school and we could not have afforded our education otherwise. However, paying out 1/3 of our income (MORE THAN OUR MORTGAGE/INSURANCE/PMI/ETC COMBINED) is freaking ridiculous!  To think we have 10+ more years of this screwing just boils my blood. To come out of school owing the government and Sallie Mae $150,000 is more than insane and almost makes me wish Dave hadn’t gone to law school. Granted, it will pay off in the end, but we won’t even be able to enjoy those benefits until far after Dave has reached partner status. I can’t even imagine how people do it with jobs that pay half of what his does.

2)Dogs that bark constantly. You should not be barking at the crock pot, should not be barking at the freaking wind blowing…just STOP. You annoy me and you wake the baby up early from nap. I might have to have your barker taken out if you don’t watch out.

3)Cincinnati Drivers. Holy crap…it’s a wonder I haven’t gotten in more wrecks. There’s this thing in your car…it’s called a turn signal. USE IT. It also helps if you don’t ride someone’s ass and actually STOP for red lights, instead of just ignoring them. I understand that the infrastructure of the city sucks, but if we all drive considerately, I’m sure we could get to where we’re going quicker.

4)People who assume. Unless you KNOW, don’t assume. Remember, to assume is to make an “ASS” out of “U” and “ME”.

5)Teenage baby-mama’s. GROW THE FUCK UP. Life is not all about you, you’re fucking psycho, and no child is safe with you. I am SO.OVER. the drama, so over trying to be there for you only to have you shit in my face, so over you treating my family like shit. Watch it little girl, life is going to kick you hard in the nads and I can only hope I’m allowed to be there when it happens.

6)Irresponsible people. If you get a good amount of money, save it. There are reasons I don’t get everything I want. Yes, we’re getting a good amount of money back when it’s tax time, but it’s going into savings. Why don’t you do the same? I’m so sick of hearing how you can’t pay your bills, even though you just got some obscene amount of money 2 months ago. No, you don’t need that tv, that camera, that whatever-you-just-have-to-have. You need shelter and food, the rest are wants! Buy second hand clothes for your kids (Once Upon A Child is my BFF), find a way to save up to the big purchases, and make an effort to get yourself out of the spending rut.

7)People who assume all fat people are lazy (this could go back to the people that assume point in general, but this pisses me off more). Guess what? I’m fat. But I’m not lazy. I’m more active than my “skinny” counter-parts. I may not like how I look all of the time, but I actually like me. So a big fuck you to anyone who looks at me and thinks that all I do is sit on my ass and eat. And to those who do? Thanks for being the assholes that perpetuate the stereotype. Stop parking in handicap spots, stop making excuses, climb the stairs every once in a while, and help people to realize that “fatties” aren’t the lazy people we are made out to be.

8)People who have dropped me because I’m a mom. Yes, I’m a mom now. No, I don’t get tons of time to myself b/c we don’t have a sitter and we really don’t have tons of money to spend on said sitter. But I’m still a human in need of contact. My list of friends has dropped significantly since I got pregnant. Sorry I can’t go out and party, sorry I can’t ignore the fact that I have a child…it’s a lonely life sometimes.

9)Other people who judge my parenting. I’m doing a damn good job so you can just suck it. No, I didn’t breast-feed. Yes, we’re doing extended rear-facing. I make her play by herself, she eats what we eat (I don’t make her special food). I didn’t wear her 24/7, we didn’t co-sleep, we don’t do play-groups, I make her mind me…it’s my parenting style. I’m not raising your kid or telling you how you should be doing things…so why should you tell me?

10)Religious controversy. Okay, so that’s always going to be there. But can you please be respectful? I get that you don’t believe in God and while I’m sad that you don’t harbor any beliefs, I’m not knocking you, so why must you make fun of my God? Jesus was not a zombie and the fact that you put it that way really offended me. I wish I were more out-spoken, but I know you would just find another way to put down Christianity. I have NO PROBLEM getting in a classy debate. In fact, I rather enjoy it! But you hit way below the belt. And while we’re at it, can the Bible Thumpers back off just a bit? By constantly going at people, you are not bringing them to God. Quite the opposite actually. It’s one thing to profess your faith and another to beat people down with it.

Okay…I think that’s more than enough for the night. Whew…*wipes brow*. That was quite therapeutic. My apologies for some of the language, but I’m not going to go back and censor myself :-P.


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