Paige’s New Ride

30 Dec

When Paige got too long for her infant car seat (child is STILL under the weight limit!), I went on the search for one that would last a while. I wanted a convertible that would rear-face up until at least 35 pounds, but would also be a belt-positioning booster. (this is to save on having to buy 3 different seats)

I settled on a Safety First All-in-One. Works from 5 to 80 pounds. Was it the best? No…but at the time, I thought it was great.

Then a few months passed and we can’t get the buckles tight enough for me to feel safe. It also didn’t help that I could NEVER get it to be positioned properly in the car (and it’s not like I’m trying to put it in our Cavalier!). She was always sitting up too far, and I never felt like we could get the LATCH belt tight enough.

The last month plus has been spent with me searching and researching the million car seats out there. I knew we couldn’t afford a $300 seat, but I didn’t want to get a seat that I would end up hating 2 months into the deal.

So I asked for gift cards to Babies R Us for Paige’s Christmas because, let’s face it, child is spoiled. She ended up getting over $100, so we went shopping today. I had 4 different car seats on my list to try out. Unfortunately, they didn’t carry one in store and I’m not comfortable buying a seat that I can’t try out. We spent time talking to the guy working (thankfully, he was VERY knowledgeable) and I made Paige try out each seat.

And now…Paige has a new ride:

It’s going to take her a little getting used to since she is used to sitting up.

The major perks: smaller, but rated for more height/weight than what we had; SUPER easy to install!; We can move the passenger seat back about 4 inches from where it was (no more knees up around your ears! lol); fun pattern; better padding; and adjustable head rest.

It’s pretty sad that the seat we had before took up so much more space, even though it was sitting up more!

Oh, it’s an Evenflow Symphony 65 seat. It will rear-face until she’s 35 pounds (and yes, I’ll probably keep her rear-facing the entire time), she’ll be in a harness until she’s 65 pounds, and then it can transition to a booster up to 100 pounds. I hope to God this seat works out…because I’m pretty sure we’re stuck with it for the next 9 years (Dave is so not going to let me buy another seat! :-P)

I’ll be back to discuss Christmas, but I need to get dinner ready for the child. Apparently, they need to eat at least occassionally. 🙂


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