24 Feb

So in preparation for my brother’s new arrival, I’ve been going through our baby clothes and shopping like crazy for tiny infant things.

The itty-bitty clothes…

The tiny diapers and all of the little things that go along.

All of this? Is making my uterus go absolutely insane. What? You mean you can’t hear it screaming? I figured it could be heard in Russia, the urge to have another child is so strong.

And it’s not like we’re taking precautions against having a baby (ah yes! Hi! I just admitted to having S.E.X.! At least I didn’t announce it to an entire restaurant like a partner of Dave’s law firm did to Dave at their quarterly meeting), but 3 months has netted nada. I’m not worried, I figure God realizes that I need a little more time to work on “me” before my body has to grow another being. But I want a baby!

Maybe if I stomp my feet enough it will happen this month.

Because God works that way. riiighhtt.


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