The weight issue

11 Mar

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you know that I’ve ALWAYS been the “fat” girl. I actually had a post not too long ago on here regarding my weight struggles. And I’m back again for another posting.

I actually wrote up a couple of posts on my journal-ling site and have a few people who are going to be joining me on my journey. I’d like to open it up to the (very few) who read this blog.

I’ll come clean, I weight much more than I had ever planned. After losing 25 pounds, I’m still at 285, which is a REALLY REALLY scary number. I’m a size 24/26 in most clothes and while I’m getting better, I was horribly out of shape.

I want to lose another 120 pounds. Hell, losing 50 or even 100 would be amazing right now.

But that’s my ultra-long-term goal.

Short term: 30 pounds by June, another 20 by October (putting me at 50 pounds in a little over 6 months) 6 times 4 = 24 times 2 = 48…add a few extra days in there and it’s possible.

If I don’t hit these goals, I WILL NOT beat myself up. I’ll just re-evaluate where I am and what I need to do. Plus, I fully expect to get pregnant and that just puts everything on hold. At that point, I’ll go into a weight-management type of “diet” (I use that term loosely since I won’t be dieting, but will be attempting to not gain tons of weight during my pregnancy).

So what are your goals? Is it to lose weight? To run a 5k? To fit into your clothes better? Share here. Keep it anonymous if you want or sign your name. There’s absolutely no judgment (who am I to judge?!), just love and support.

In the honor of complete honesty, I’m going to share my tricks that keep me sane. Please feel free to share yours, so we can all be successful. Keep in mind, I am NOT an expert in ANY way, shape, or form. I’m merely sharing what keeps me from killing my husband. 🙂

  • Fiber. Try to get the full amount recommended. I know I don’t get near what I’m supposed to, so I get the weight management chewable tablets. by Fiber Choice. They come in a strawberry flavor that’s really pretty decent and while they do kind of stick in my teeth, I can get over it. I eat one about 10 minutes before I eat a meal, so I end up taking 3 a day. You should work up to that (because of gas and things like that when you add fiber in your diet) and definitely not go over the amount in the directions (the bottle I have says to take 2 a day {you can take more, but not to go over 5 tablets}).
  • Water, lots and lots of ICE water. Two reasons: First, you need to be drinking lots of water anyway. And let’s face it, most of us don’t even come close to that amount. I keep a larger water bottle (It holds 34 ounces) by my side at all times and force myself to drink 4 of them a day, so I’m drinking over a gallon of water. Here’s the key: make it ice water. Think about it….your body has to heat it up before you expel it (have YOU ever had cold pee? Me either), so it’s not only hydrating you, but it’s making your body work and use up calories. Plus, I’ve found that I’m less hungry since my body was just craving hydration anyway.
  • Vary your calories. I honestly don’t know if this really works, however, I know there are days when I’m more hungry than others. So I take advantage of that and vary about 300 calories. Supposedly, it keeps your body guessing. But for me, it keeps me from going insane on the days where I need to eat more. So if I eat 1800 calories one day, I may only eat 1300 the next. I don’t starve myself though and you shouldn’t either. Dieting doesn’t mean starving. Starving just leads to binging, which is never good.
  • Write EVERYTHING down. From 1 Teddy Graham (fed to me by Paige) to the fiber tablets to condiments at dinner, I keep track of everything. Having the iPhone is amazing for this. I personally use the Lose It! app. While not excellent, it’s free and since I can add foods that aren’t automatically in, I can customize it with the foods I eat.
  • Exercise. You need this, especially if you’re cutting calories. Just cutting calories and not doing any physical exercise will actually put your body into starvation mode, so you won’t lose weight (or if you do, it will be minimal). You don’t have to do much, just try to be active for 30 minutes a day. Or do an hour 4 days a week. On the days that I don’t make it to the gym, I either take Paige for a walk, work on the stability ball, do weight training (I have 8 and 10 pound weights that I use at home), or a combination of exercises. As you lose weight (or just start getting into shape), you’ll have to inevitable do more. But you’ll know. Just keep pushing yourself a little. And find exercises that you like/don’t mind doing. If you HATE running, don’t even try. You’ll just burn out that much more quickly. I’m personally a treadmill/exercise bike/erg/stability ball type of person. You just need to find what works for you and DO IT.

So those are my tips. Nothing special, you could get them from reading any number of weight-loss articles.

I hope this journey gets me/us/you to where we need to be. Let’s just keep sharing and keep supporting each other. I know I’ll fall off of the bandwagon a few times, but I’m hoping I’ve got someone there to help shove me back on.


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