Ah, home!

25 Mar

Paige and I made the trek to Marietta yesterday. I’m singing with our old church (yes! We found a new one that we’ll be joining officially!), pretty much as a hired gun without the hired part, in a cantata on Sunday. And let me just say that I was so very happy to have made it to a practice.

Anyway…home means I have nothing to do. No laundry, no cleaning, no puppies to have to take care of (Maggie is surprisingly self-sufficient), just a child to watch and play with. We’ve spent the morning catching up on our re-runs of “Golden Girls” and “7th Heaven”. (Did anyone else realize just how WHINY Lucy was?! Talk about a drama queen!) Woohoo!

I’d love to take the child on a walk, but the massive blister on my right ankle has made putting on a shoes incredibly excruciating. I have a high pain tolerance and this SUCKS. Maybe we’ll still go…I’ll just flip-flop it up. It’s either that or a nap…


Oh nap so wins. I think it’s time to put the child down for hers and then lay down for mine 😛


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