A New Carrier

13 Apr

Since Paige was about 5 days old, I KNEW I needed to find a baby carrier to match our needs. She was one to need the constant attention and snuggles, it was draining (even though I loved it).

We started with a sling…one of those adjustable, pouch-type slings (not the one that’s recently been recalled though). It was great. Paige could sleep away while Dave played WoW, I could *gasp* do laundry or cook dinner…and then child got too big for it.

(Similar to this one, but not the same)

We moved to a different sling. One where it’s just a single piece of fabric…and while okay, I never fell in love with it. Sure, Paige could be carried in multiple positions (the facing out was her favorite for a few months), but I think we needed a bigger size. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really willing to buy something over the internet without trying it out.

Our next carrier was the hiking carrier…it’s absolutely amazing for long carries. We still use it for when we go to the ball park or for when the stroller just won’t cut it. But because of the huge frame, not exactly ideal for every day situations.

Carrier #4 was by Infantino, the front-to-back carrier. It was the MOST UNCOMFORTABLE carrier. Everything hurt after carrying her in it and it’s not like my child weighs very much (at the time, she was barely pushing 22 pounds). The buckles never worked right, Paige’s legs just dangled (proper carry for babies is with legs at about a 45 degree angle so they are dangling by their crotch). Needless to say, that one got returned and I tell everyone to stay away.

I then bought the Over the Shoulder Baby Holder ring sling. I have to say, I honestly haven’t really used it, I just bought it because I happened to see it at Once Upon A Child for $10 (they sell on Amazon for $50 + shipping). I know I can use it with Paige, but have a feeling it’s going to be more beneficial with baby #2.

Another Once Upon A Child find was the other backpack style carrier I purchased. I like it for the fact that it does have some “frame” to it and protects the child, but isn’t a huge backpack. Again, haven’t really used it much, but we haven’t gone anywhere that we would need it since the weather has just recently started being nice often.

It’s similar to this, but has no storage options. Hey, it was $8 instead of $300 (yes, that’s how much that carrier costs!!!!)

The reason I bring all this up is because I just got another carrier (yes, know!). It’s a new one out by Infantino (and I got it at a steal) and is their version of a Mei Tei carrier. In the ten minutes I’ve had to play with it, I LOVE IT. I tried the belly to belly hold, which Paige loved (since I carried her to bed that way :-P), and the backpack hold. There was no strain (but 10 minutes really doesn’t give much telling), her legs were at the proper angles, and she actually cried when I took her out.

So if you’re in the market for a baby carrier, I highly suggest the Infantino Wrap & Tie. I’m not sure how much it’s going to cost in store, but I got it for $15 and it was worth it. It will hold up to 35 pounds and let’s face it, chances are you’re not going to be carrying much past 30 (at least for any length of time!!).

Love! Why didn’t I get a Mei Tei before this?!

(Oh, and as an aside for those counting, I’ve spent about $120 on all of my carriers combined, so even on a tight budget, you can own a quality carrier! Seriously, Once Upon A Child is my bff…that and Craigslist. 🙂 )


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