A Journal-type Post

13 May

I haven’t felt like writing lately. I’m just going through one of my funks…where I’m on every day, but just can’t seem to find some thing to write about.

I’ve gained back 3 pounds over the past month….which, considering I was on vacation for almost 3 weeks of it is not surprising. So I may not hit my goal of 30 pounds before June, but I’m still really close to it (hey, even with 3 back, I’m at 26-27 gone!). I should note that I don’t “count” a weight loss until I can keep it off for a week. I’m joining a challenge this summer that a woman is putting together (www.nutsinanutshell.blogspot.com). It’s pretty much you committing to walking/running 120 miles over three months. I already do about 12 a week on average, so this will just keep me honest since I’ll have more vacations coming up. You can join us if you want! Running, walking, using the elliptical all counts….biking does not :-P. Really easy and doesn’t have to cost you more than the cost of a good pair of running/walking shoes (if you don’t already have some!).

I’ve been feeling incredibly down in the dumps lately. I think not being pregnant (even though I knew when I ovulated this month and I know for a fact we missed it {Since it was while I was in Colorado}) this month is just killing me. We’re at 6 months in and while that’s not long at all, it still sucks. Especially since a friend of mine got pregnant their first time out (baby is due Dec. 31st). But this….THIS will be our month. I know I left it up to God, but I’m starting to get antsy.

While Dave was gone (again) this week, I finally put together my scrap-booking station in the office. It’s not much, but I’ve FINALLY got everything in order. Once I remember to bring my camera upstairs, I’ll show you. Ikea is my best friend though. Now I just need to put it to use. But I’ve got it even set up to where I can plug my iPhone into the stereo and listen to my music. Also, I made a play-room up here for Paige…so she can play while I work. I decided that giving up some space in the spare room (the very few people who stay here can either deal with the couple toys or sleep in the basement!) was something I was willing to do. It also helps to know that when child #2 does come along, Paige will be sharing her room. As long as we keep it the way I want it (no toys, just reading/sleeping allowed), we shouldn’t have any problems. And kids don’t REALLY need privacy until later in life. In fact, depending on when #2 and #3 come along, all 3 may stay in that room (it’s a BIG room). Just depends on when we can financially afford to finish the basement (so guests really can stay down there….right now, the bed is just set up. It’s nice, but it’s just a basement! :-P).

I’ve also re-arranged some areas of the house and Paige is now allowed to run all over the main floor. It’s annoying a little bit, because toys end up in the front room, but she needs to learn how to deal with freedom and not get into trouble. And she’s definitely getting to the point where she can help clean up. I just really needed to re-claim my living room. Not being able to walk through it was really getting on my nerves. Now the only room that really needs work is our bedroom, but I’ll get there.

Anyway…I took a break from scrap-booking to write this and I should probably get back to the page I was working on and finish before Paige wakes up from her nap.


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