17 May

A while ago, I asked my parents for my bike. My thought was that I could ride it around the subdivision and eventually trade up to a new bike (preferably soon!). Little did I know how much work it needed :-/. But today, I finally decided to get off my tush and get to work. I spent about 3 hours just scrubbing the bike down…got rid of probably 90% of the rust on the bike (that’s what happens when it sits in a shed for 6 years). This bike….is around 17 years old. Yeah, I know.

So…I scrubbed it down and made it look pretty. I put new brakes on the back wheels, moved the back brakes to the front (they weren’t that worn down and I didn’t realize I only bought one pair, so I’m making due), and re-aligned everything. Once I have a few minutes with Dave, I’m going to replace the chain and inner tubes. I should get all new tires, but don’t exactly know what I would need. So we’ll start with the inner tubes and get the outer-part later. For $25, I have a functional bike. MUCH less than the $200 I was looking at spending.

I got to ride for a whole 5 minutes and now I can’t wait for Paige’s trailer to show up so we can go riding. Biking, roller blading (I got new ones!), and walking…it’s going to be a active summer!! 🙂

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