Fat Butt…erm, Mondays?

7 Jun

I have an excuse.

No, really!

I hurt my arm cleaning (Yes, I’m that woman) and this is the first I’ve been able to type without being in tremendous pain. Still not horrible, but not pleasant either. I would love to stab the doctor in the eye who said that I didn’t have a bad enough case of Carpal Tunnel (it wouldn’t wake me up every night) to justify. Here’s a big old middle finger to you sir. Thanks for not fixing my problem when it was minor or offering advice on how to deal with it….now when it flairs up (because it’s ALWAYS an issue, but there are times when it just hits that REALLY.BAD. point) I’m incapacitated for days.


So anyway….I did nothing for miles last week (the 120 mile challenge started on the 1st) and ate horribly, so it wasn’t a surprise to find that I’m up 4 more pounds, which puts my weight GAIN at 6 and my loss back at 27. *sigh* I knew I was in trouble when I’ve gone out drinking 3 nights. That always just seems to sent it over the top. (Please note: I am not an alcoholic. I rarely drink…it just ended up that I had three different nights of fun already planned and they all fell in this week)

But today, I was back to eating correctly, writing everything down, and working out. So things will (hopefully) start going in the correct direction again.

I did about 30 minutes on the treadmill (2 miles) while rubbing ANOTHER blister in my heel, so I switched to biking for about 15 minutes. At least I could take my shoes off and bike in my socks, but I can’t count those numbers for the challenge. I also did my weight-training and core exercises, so I got a good work-out in. And I KNOW I can do more on the treadmill, I just need smaller socks :-P.

Stay tuned…once I give my wrist a few minutes/hours to re-coup, I’m going to tell you all about Melaleuca. It’s my new love 🙂

Starting weight: 312 (yes, I know)

Goal Weight: 180

Goal loss: 132 pounds

Current weight: 285

Current loss: 27 pounds

Current Miles: 2


One Response to “Fat Butt…erm, Mondays?”

  1. bevy June 9, 2010 at 8:12 pm #

    Smaller sox … LOL! I’ve never biked in sox – 🙂 actual bike or stationary bike? I liked the use of the word flair instead of flare (well I think that’s the correct use). 🙂
    I have LOTS of excuses too. 🙂 Hope your week is with LESS pain …

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