9 Dec

Holy fall and winter chaos people….I’m so sorry that it’s been 2 months since I’ve updated!

First an foremost – we have a baby girl on the way. Kira Emmalin F. should be here within 6 to 9 weeks, since I’m already at 30 weeks and 4 days. For the record, Paige came 1 day short of 37 weeks, so we’ll see if Kira decides to start coming on her own or if she’ll be evicted. Yes, c-section #2, will be happening – which is why I know she’ll be here within 9 weeks. Makes it nice to count down, but we still have that unknown if she decides to come on her own.

I’m starting to home school Paige. At 2 years and  3 months, she’s a little young, but she picks up so much. She knows her numbers and can recognize up to 11 (in both English and Spanish), she knows all of her letters (both upper and lower case), colors, most shapes, she can follow directions, mimics rhythms, loves to read…and more I’m not remembering. Her vocabulary is exploding, so it’s just a waiting game until she can re-tell us stories. She is definitely NOT ready for potty training though…which is fine. I have no intentions of rushing that. I think too many people rush it and I’m sure she’ll do it when she’s ready.

Cloth diapering is going great and I seem to have a system down. I still have disposables on hand for days when we go out all day (especially when I know it’s pooping time and that we won’t be home until long after it usually happens) or short weekends when I don’t want to drag the laundry around. I have come to find that I really don’t like disposables though…there is ALWAYS a leak with them and I rarely have a leak in cloth (and that’s usually when I leave it for far too long).

I joined the local MOPS group and can’t believe I didn’t do this before now. It’s GREAT to get out of the house for a few hours and really talk about things with other moms. Helps that they have great people to watch the kids, so Paige likes going to play. It will be better when she’s old enough to move rooms so she has more structure (she’s probably the oldest in her room). I really like the ladies that I’m grouped with and actually ended up in the group with one of the pastor’s wives from the church we joined. I didn’t even realize that until this morning, but it’s nice to be able to see her in a “human” factor.

I do believe that is my catch up for the past few months. We’ve been traveling like crazy, but I’m happy that we’re finally in the final stretch with this pregnancy, with Mom’s thyroid treatments, and with the holidays. It’s just been a busy and crazy couple of months 🙂




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