19 Dec

I’m one who likes things out in the open. I know tons of people that keep things close, but if I’m stewing about a situation, I want others to know about it.

But all the same, I don’t think I’m quite ready to go all-out on the current problem. At least, not on this very public blog.

I do need prayers though. Prayers for my family…which is going through a bit of a crisis right now. Prayers than a 10-month old child isn’t continuously used as a pawn by her parents and that she be allowed to see her family for the holidays. Prayers that I can stop my mouth from shouting out the truth because it’s doing more harm than good. Prayers that we, as a family, can stand our ground and prove that we can’t be walked over anymore by a pain in the tush teenager. Prayers that my brother FINALLY grows up and acts like the man he’s supposed to be.

Things could be worse, as always, but we’re struggling and it’s making the joyful holidays a nightmare that just won’t stop. I just want to be able to NOT cry on Christmas day…I’ve already had my 2-year old attempt to calm me down and I don’t really want to have to repeat that in front of her. She doesn’t need it.

I wish there was an easy way to make two very immature people grow up. But I also wish there was an easy way for me to not speak my mind with such crassness. I blame that on the fact that I spent 20+ years holding my tongue and I’ve lost that filter. Still, the truth (as truthful as it is), doesn’t always make a situation better. And while things need to be said and the enabling needs to be stopped, a child is being used as a pawn because her parents don’t like the truth. They are punishing the ONLY people that have put up with their crap and shoving them out of their lives, in turn, hurting a baby girl that I (and my parents) care deeply for.

So prayers. Please. I need them for peace, sanity, and anything else that would help this absolutely AWFUL situation.




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