Me: Mommy to one adorable little girl and two puppy children, wife as of 7-1-06, SAHM, avid reader, growing photographer, accomplished musician, and general good person.

Not the most funny, but definitely real. I get hurt easily and am sometimes difficult to get to know, but once you do, you probably have a friend for life.

I hate cleaning, but despise clutter even more. Love being creative, but have difficulty finishing projects once I start (I once read that the inability to complete projects while starting more was an Aries trait…). Some psychology background, so I’m pretty good at analysing…but please don’t go by just what I say. Great listener, but occasionally need someone to be the same.

Love cuddling, swimming (though not the attire), movies, and music.

You will probably find me at home with the child or grocery shopping (since that’s about the only time I leave). I lead such an exhilerating life.

I am a comment whore, so please leave a note letting me know you’ve stopped by.

If you need to contact me outside of this blog, you can find me at: kfitzgerald83(at)hotmail(dot)com

Just make sure to put something in the subject or I might not see it! 🙂


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