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Fat Butt Fridays (early)

24 Jun

I’m doing this early because tomorrow we have a doctor’s appointment for the baby and I’m doing the single parent thing until Sunday (Dave’s coming back for the appointment, but only for the appointment…so that makes me even more exhausted). Thankfully, Paige is a wonderful child and even though we have our moments where I want to just pull my hair out (Hello terrible 2’s), she’s really not bad.

Now that I’m pregnant (woohoo!), I’m not really dieting. With Paige, I gained a whole 10 pounds and I hope to do the same with this pregnancy. So while I’m not dieting, I’m still watching what I eat and exercising. I’m not going to try to lose weight at all, but to need to eat over 3000 calories a day (I think the total was 3150 or something like that) after eating 2200-2500 is kind of difficult to do. I know, I’m complaining about eating more…who am I?! I refuse to stop exercising though…and I don’t want to fill up on junk, so we’ll just see what happens. I’m sure my doctor will discuss it with me if there’s a problem (and I plan to discuss it with him tomorrow).

I’m sitting right around 280 right now, so I DID make my goal for the month. I’d like to not go over 290 for the pregnancy, but we’ll see what happens. I know weight gain for someone of my size is generally 10-15 pounds.

I’m still doing the 120 mile challenge, which is actually a great thing. Having that hanging over my head has really motivated me to get out of bed in the morning and get to the gym. It’s also motivated me to go farther. For instance, I know I need to be at 40 miles by Wednesday, so I went to the gym this morning and I was just EXHAUSTED when I woke up. I told myself that I would go for 2 miles on the elliptical (about 30 minutes since I need to keep my heart rate at or under 140) and take it from there. I did a full hour and 4.5 miles. I’m still tired, but I feel better about what I’ve accomplished. And I’m that much closer to the goal.

(Even though I’m not keeping up with the weight-loss, I’m going to keep it in this form so all is ready to go :-). Plus, I like to keep track of my weight because I did lose a bunch of weight at first with Paige and I want to make sure I stay healthy)

So here are the updates:

Starting weight: 312 (yes, I know)

Goal Weight: 180

Goal loss: 132 pounds (not in play until March 2011)

Current weight: 280

Current loss: 32 pounds

Last Week’s mile total: 23

This Week’s Miles: 14.5

Total Mileage: 37.5


Little changes

13 Jun

Today, Dave and I took Paige to the Reds game (we’re pretty big fans and try to hit a few games a year. We’re up to 3 or 4 so far and I’m sure we’ll hit more!). We park in the garage where he works and walk down to the game, since it’s already paid for, but it’s about a 1/2 mile walk for us one way. Last year, I dreaded the walk.

And honestly? Still not a fan after the game when I’m hot, sweaty, thirsty, and just generally tired from wrangling the child and dealing with the heat. (BTW, I totally resemble a tomato after today’s game. I REALLY need to remember sunscreen for myself…I spray Paige just about every inning, but usually only spray myself down once)

But today, Dave and I were walking up the hill, chit-chatting when he says to me “Do you remember last year? Man, we huffed and puffed like crazy just walking up this one hill!”.

And it’s true…I would be so out of breath that I had no chance to talk and feel like I was going to pass out. But now…I can carry on a conversation. I was still tired, but I was beginning to border on heat exhaustion, which more than explains that.

It’s a minor thing in the long run. The hill isn’t that big compared to others that I’ve walked/run in my life, but it just shows how things have changed. How I’VE changed. This is great, I love how much better I feel and I love how it’s also effecting Dave. Maybe this will rub off on Paige and she’ll grow up more active than we were. I can only hope.


Fat Butt…erm, Mondays?

7 Jun

I have an excuse.

No, really!

I hurt my arm cleaning (Yes, I’m that woman) and this is the first I’ve been able to type without being in tremendous pain. Still not horrible, but not pleasant either. I would love to stab the doctor in the eye who said that I didn’t have a bad enough case of Carpal Tunnel (it wouldn’t wake me up every night) to justify. Here’s a big old middle finger to you sir. Thanks for not fixing my problem when it was minor or offering advice on how to deal with it….now when it flairs up (because it’s ALWAYS an issue, but there are times when it just hits that REALLY.BAD. point) I’m incapacitated for days.


So anyway….I did nothing for miles last week (the 120 mile challenge started on the 1st) and ate horribly, so it wasn’t a surprise to find that I’m up 4 more pounds, which puts my weight GAIN at 6 and my loss back at 27. *sigh* I knew I was in trouble when I’ve gone out drinking 3 nights. That always just seems to sent it over the top. (Please note: I am not an alcoholic. I rarely drink…it just ended up that I had three different nights of fun already planned and they all fell in this week)

But today, I was back to eating correctly, writing everything down, and working out. So things will (hopefully) start going in the correct direction again.

I did about 30 minutes on the treadmill (2 miles) while rubbing ANOTHER blister in my heel, so I switched to biking for about 15 minutes. At least I could take my shoes off and bike in my socks, but I can’t count those numbers for the challenge. I also did my weight-training and core exercises, so I got a good work-out in. And I KNOW I can do more on the treadmill, I just need smaller socks :-P.

Stay tuned…once I give my wrist a few minutes/hours to re-coup, I’m going to tell you all about Melaleuca. It’s my new love 🙂

Starting weight: 312 (yes, I know)

Goal Weight: 180

Goal loss: 132 pounds

Current weight: 285

Current loss: 27 pounds

Current Miles: 2

Fat Butt Fridays

28 May

After being good all week…watching what I eat, exercising, all of that fun stuff…I stepped on the scale with hope that I would be down at least a pound. But NOTHING.


I will NOT get discouraged. The 120 mile challenge starts soon, so I’ll be doing that – along with other exercises (like biking and weight-lifting that doesn’t fall into the challenge). I’m not asking for a miracle this summer, but it would be nice to drop 30 pounds in the next 3 or 4 months.

But I’ve been stuck at this weight for a month. Granted, there’s been some gaining and re-losing (thanks to vacations), so I haven’t been truly stagnate, but I sure as hell haven’t been losing.

So next week, hopefully there will be a loss to report 🙂

Starting weight: 312 (yes, I know)

Goal Weight: 180

Goal loss: 132 pounds

Current weight: 282

Current loss: 30 pounds

Fat Butt Fridays

21 May

I’m done. I’m done with the wild rides, done with feeling like the “fat” friend, and done with not taking control over my life. By 30, I want to be “skinny” (granted, my skinny is probably your fat, but whatever). That’s 3 years. Ideally, it won’t take me that long, but I know that we’re really hoping child #2 joins us soon and while I can keep exercising, they kind of frown on the whole dieting/restricting deal.

So I’m joining Cat ( in Fat Butt Fridays. Here, I will be held accountable. It will be my Weight-Watchers, my group therapy.

I’m going to try to remember to post my stats every Friday (kind of like my weigh-in), but I’ll also talk about what’s working and what’s not. I’ll be biking, roller-blading, walking, and weight training to get the weight off…as well as watching what I eat. And if I get any tips, I’ll pass them along to you.

Here are my stats (I’m going back to when I started about 2 months ago):

Starting weight: 312 (yes, I know)

Goal Weight: 180

Goal loss: 132 pounds

Current weight: 282

Current loss: 30 pounds

Only 100 more to go! 😛

Wild Ride

19 May

The title actually covers two topics for today’s post…yay for having material to blog about!

The first is the weight-loss ride. Granted, the past few weeks have been AWFUL for my diet, but this is getting crazy. I was 282 when we left for Chicago, 287 when we came back (that’s what eating out will do for you!), 279 (!!!) 2 days ago, 281 yesterday, and back to 282 this morning. Are you freaking kidding me?  I’m determined to do this without making major changes right away, but I’ve GOT to get back into things. The first thing…water. I can tell I haven’t been drinking nearly enough. So back to 4 bottles a day. And exercising…I have to start being more accountable. Thankfully Cat (of is doing a 120 miles in 3 months challenge and I’m determined to do this. I’ve also got rollerblades, a bike, and a gym membership that I damn well better be putting to use!

Speaking of my bike…that’s the 2nd wild ride. I finally got a bike trailer for Paige and decided to get it all hooked up. While she was napping, I took it for a quick spin up and down our little road. Thankfully, I can’t really feel it behind me, but man…I am so out of shape! So when Paige got up from her nap, I strapped her in and off we went. The good news is that it rides incredibly well. The bad news is that I was huffing and puffing like crazy within 5 minutes. Not to mention the sore tush…definitely will be needing to upgrade my seat as well. I probably only went about 1-2 miles and let me tell you, it was not easy! Tomorrow, I’m going to take the bike and trailer to the bike path where it’s slightly more level. But Paige liked the trailer and tolerates her helmet (a Paul Frank monkey helmet!), so we’re good to go.

Oh, and while I’m at it, where are the infant/toddler helmets?! The helmet I got for Paige is for 3+ years and while it does the job, it’s still a little big on her head. Thankfully, she’s encased and bucked down in the trailer, so I’m not *that* worried, but it just drives me a little crazy that they market these trailers for babies around 1 year and up and yet don’t make helmets to match.


PS Crystal better win. I’m just not (nor have I ever been) on the Lee band-wagon. Go Mamasox!

17 May

A while ago, I asked my parents for my bike. My thought was that I could ride it around the subdivision and eventually trade up to a new bike (preferably soon!). Little did I know how much work it needed :-/. But today, I finally decided to get off my tush and get to work. I spent about 3 hours just scrubbing the bike down…got rid of probably 90% of the rust on the bike (that’s what happens when it sits in a shed for 6 years). This bike….is around 17 years old. Yeah, I know.

So…I scrubbed it down and made it look pretty. I put new brakes on the back wheels, moved the back brakes to the front (they weren’t that worn down and I didn’t realize I only bought one pair, so I’m making due), and re-aligned everything. Once I have a few minutes with Dave, I’m going to replace the chain and inner tubes. I should get all new tires, but don’t exactly know what I would need. So we’ll start with the inner tubes and get the outer-part later. For $25, I have a functional bike. MUCH less than the $200 I was looking at spending.

I got to ride for a whole 5 minutes and now I can’t wait for Paige’s trailer to show up so we can go riding. Biking, roller blading (I got new ones!), and walking…it’s going to be a active summer!! 🙂