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Leavin’ On a Jet Plane

2 Mar

No, not just yet. But in 6 weeks and 4 days, Paige and I will be in Colorado Springs. And while Paige doesn’t quite understand why mommy came to get her from nap doing the “we’re going on an aero-plane!” dance, we’re both super excited.

I haven’t been on a plane since my honeymoon…so I’m slightly nervous. I’m not planning on checking bags (I can just ship it for less and without the worry that my stuff will be stolen as easily!), so I’m hoping all goes well when we go through security.

Thankfully, our flight is les than 3 hours. However, I didn’t buy a ticket for Paige, so it could be a long 3 hours with her on my lap. I’m seriously crossing my fingers that I can put her in her car seat.

Do you have any tips? Advice? Ways to not go bald? Let me know!



Paige’s New Ride

30 Dec

When Paige got too long for her infant car seat (child is STILL under the weight limit!), I went on the search for one that would last a while. I wanted a convertible that would rear-face up until at least 35 pounds, but would also be a belt-positioning booster. (this is to save on having to buy 3 different seats)

I settled on a Safety First All-in-One. Works from 5 to 80 pounds. Was it the best? No…but at the time, I thought it was great.

Then a few months passed and we can’t get the buckles tight enough for me to feel safe. It also didn’t help that I could NEVER get it to be positioned properly in the car (and it’s not like I’m trying to put it in our Cavalier!). She was always sitting up too far, and I never felt like we could get the LATCH belt tight enough.

The last month plus has been spent with me searching and researching the million car seats out there. I knew we couldn’t afford a $300 seat, but I didn’t want to get a seat that I would end up hating 2 months into the deal.

So I asked for gift cards to Babies R Us for Paige’s Christmas because, let’s face it, child is spoiled. She ended up getting over $100, so we went shopping today. I had 4 different car seats on my list to try out. Unfortunately, they didn’t carry one in store and I’m not comfortable buying a seat that I can’t try out. We spent time talking to the guy working (thankfully, he was VERY knowledgeable) and I made Paige try out each seat.

And now…Paige has a new ride:

It’s going to take her a little getting used to since she is used to sitting up.

The major perks: smaller, but rated for more height/weight than what we had; SUPER easy to install!; We can move the passenger seat back about 4 inches from where it was (no more knees up around your ears! lol); fun pattern; better padding; and adjustable head rest.

It’s pretty sad that the seat we had before took up so much more space, even though it was sitting up more!

Oh, it’s an Evenflow Symphony 65 seat. It will rear-face until she’s 35 pounds (and yes, I’ll probably keep her rear-facing the entire time), she’ll be in a harness until she’s 65 pounds, and then it can transition to a booster up to 100 pounds. I hope to God this seat works out…because I’m pretty sure we’re stuck with it for the next 9 years (Dave is so not going to let me buy another seat! :-P)

I’ll be back to discuss Christmas, but I need to get dinner ready for the child. Apparently, they need to eat at least occassionally. 🙂


too smart?

7 Dec

Apparently, I have read too much and discussed too much with my daughter’s pediatricians. It kills me to hear/see/witness certain things that go on in a child’s life. I REALLY try not to judge how other people parent, because I HATE being judged or told how to do things, but these are my parenting pet-peeves. Please try to not take offense…seriously!

(PS…I am FAR from perfect and some one probably thinks I’m doing things wrong…feel free to gripe about me on your blog! :-P)

1) I really don’t care if you formula feed or breast feed, but when it comes to cereal…WAIT. Unless there is a SERIOUS medical need, no child needs any solids before 4 months. They really don’t need anything for at least 6 months, but sometimes doctors will tell you to start them early for things like acid reflux or low weight gain. I know people that have started the child at 3 months (or even earlier) and that’s just crazy. Mostly, because they think it will help the baby to sleep longer at night. Guess what? Solids are processed in the same length of time as formula/breast milk. If a child hasn’t lost the tongue thrusting reflex, they are not ready for solids. Am I a medical professional? HELL NO. Which is why you should go by what your doctor says, but make sure your doctor is up to date (I know a doctor who told a mother to turn her child’s car seat around at 8 months even though it was against the law).

2)Turning car seats too early. This actually just changed for me. I originally thought there was absolutely no harm in turning your child right at a year and 20 pounds, but now that I know the truth, I want to educate people. It it SO MUCH more dangerous for your child to front-face than you think. Look up internal decapitation. This is what changed me. I’m not one of those people to go out advocating (maybe I should!), but try to keep your child rear-facing as long as possible. Most car seats anymore will rear-face up to 35 pounds. Don’t worry about a child’s legs crossing, it’s actually safe and children don’t get uncomfortable like we adults do. There also haven’t been any incidences of their hips being hurt when in a crash, which was one reason I hesitated. But even then, I would rather something be wrong with their legs than to have their spinal cord snapped. And after being rear-ended and feeling the pain from whiplash as a full-grown adult, I can’t imagine a young child who’s head is about 30% of their body weight going through that.

3)Not disciplining. Now…there’s a HUGE difference in how people do things. I’m not one to beat my child, I don’t yell at her, but I’m one of the strictest parents I know. I can’t stand a child that won’t listen to you. A real-life encounter just a few weeks ago left me feeling even more validated in how I’m raising Paige because neither parent could control this child and just repeatedly used “friend” language to reason with their 4 year old. I’m all about using “no thank you” and giving options, but kids need to understand that no means no and when mommy says to stop, that means to stop. (I totally just read your post Kelsey and I swear to GOD this is not about your post! Believe me, Spencer’s not even to the age where I would care about this!) After working at the daycare and dealing with children who’s parents treated them like friends and just laughed, I realize this is a much more serious problem than I think we realize. Maybe they didn’t know how to deal with the child, but seriously? Child should not be running out in the middle of the road while you just laugh at them. That’s totally NOT. COOL Plus, we are meant to be parents and not friends to our kids. Yes, we can be friends, but you’ve to do the parenting thing first. Otherwise, how is your child supposed to know boundaries and how to treat people properly?

4)Not enforcing naps/bedtimes. Now, I get that some children need less sleep than others and some have medical conditions where sleep is nearly impossible (autism speaks to me). But a normal child should be napping at least once a day. Again, I know someone who’s children are desperately in need of naps and a steady bedtime, but she waits until the child is about passing out before she puts them down. Once again, going to preface this by saying (in all caps as well) I AM NOT PERFECT, but I need time both for myself and couple’s time with my husband, so we have set bedtimes. Paige goes down for a nap at 1:30 and is down until AT LEAST 3 (even if she’s just playing). She then goes to bed around 9 (sometimes Daddy will keep her up until 9:30, but not often). Keep in mind, child doesn’t get up until 9/9:30 either, so she’s getting a full 12 hours at night and then another 1+ hours during the day. It’s the consistency though. She knows that it’s bedtime. She knows that when I say she has 10 minutes until bedtime, she has 10 minutes and then she’s going (no, she doesn’t have a concept of time, but I like to give a warning so I don’t just scoop her up from playing).

5) Baby-ing their child. Your child is learning how to walk and falls. Are you going to rush in and cuddle him right away or are you going to let them learn? I have a tough child and have actually gotten after my mom for baby-ing Paige. I don’t want a child who’s afraid to do something or is constantly needing cuddles because they bonked their head. There are times when Paige falls and needs a mommy cuddle. But 2 minutes later, she’s running again. I watch her fall sometimes and if she sees me looking, the face might crumble, but if I quickly hide my eyes or yell “bonk!”, she laughs and goes on her way. Maybe she’s just strange (okay, that’s almost a given considering her parents), but children are tough. It’s time to not treat them like china and more like the bull, okay? 😛

Okay, I have more I can write about, but Paige is awake and I need to play with my girlie a little.

What are your parenting gripes? What do you wish others knew?



1 Dec

On my other journaling site, December is DePhoMo (December Photo Month). Those of us participating post one new photo a day. Since I’m severely behind in posting pictures, I’m going to cross-post things here. Now, these pictures probably won’t be the best since my good camera is broken (*tear* I sent it off today to get fixed, so hopefully it will be back in less than 2 weeks), but at least you’re getting pictures!

Today’s prompt was “whatever you want” and since it’s the first, I’m posting a picture of my first-born :-).

Paige saying/doing “touchdown!”

13 Nov

Too damn cute not to share with the world. Daddy and Papa taught her this last weekend and I guess she’s getting ready for the game on Saturday. next up…teach her to say “Go Bucks!” 🙂

My Baby is 1

3 Sep

Where has the past year gone?

At 6:01 pm, 1 year ago, our princess made her way into this world. We are SO lucky and SO grateful to have her in our lives. There have been, and there will be, struggles but that still doesn’t change the fact that she’s the biggest miracle.

(top left going down and around: birth, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, etc.  1 year photo is in the middle)

Happy birthday Princess Paige. Mommy loves you!

New bed!

15 Aug

Nope, not for me…for Paige!

It’s this one:

It’s not going to be as dark as the one is that she has now, but I’m okay with that. It’s a mini-crib, which means that it’s pretty much the same size as our pack ‘n play. Considering I know people that only put their kids in pack ‘n plays until they are ready for a “real” bed, I’m sure this will be more than fine. It converts to a daybed and a toddler bed, so even though I plan to push her into a full-size bed around 2.5, I doubt she’ll out grow it before the time comes. For the record, it’s as wide as a twin-size bed, which is more than big enough.

I just have gotten SO FREAKING sick of waking up multiple times a night because her alarm goes off (she’s a side-hugger). I have some major hope that by having a smaller area to cover, the alarm will rarely go off.

I don’t feel bad about putting her in a smaller bed when she’s ALWAYS laying the wrong way with her limbs sticking out the sides. This bed is only 2 inches thinner, even though it’s about 14 inches shorter.

We just have no need for another full-size bed (we have two in storage already that were passed down in my family) and I got a decent deal on this bed.

My only real concern is the mattress. I didn’t buy an additional one because there are mixed reviews out there with the included pad (it’s supposed to be 3 inches thick – which is about what Paige’s mattress is now). I’m going to see if we can do without (depending on the state of the included pad), maybe even rigging something up for a while. I know Paige sleeps great on pack ‘n play mattresses (that’s essentially what she slept on the first 5 months of her life), so she doesn’t need a majorly expensive mattress and for safety, she shouldn’t have a soft mattress anyway.

So anyway…it should be here within 2 weeks and if I get her crib sold, she’ll get to sleep in it before we move. If we don’t get her crib sold (which seems unlikely since I just put it up for sale tonight and have already had one serious possible buyer), then she won’t get to sleep in it until we move. I’m pretty excited though. I was so not looking forward to having to run across the house multiple times a night because of a false alarm.

Anyway, enough about a bed that isn’t even mine. I’ll have a “happy family” update at some point…it’s needed :-).