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11 Jun

I REALLY want to go to Paris….so I’ve entered a contest and am sharing it with you. However, if you choose to not enter, I won’t be offended 😛


If you do win….can I go with you? I don’t snore! 🙂




She’s Here!

14 Feb

Another little monkey to add to our family. Kira Emmalin 🙂

She was 7 pounds, 5 ounces and 20 inches long. Already she’s a great sleeper and Paige has been fantastic. But my Mom has been here for a week and she just left, so now we’ll really see how it all goes. Welcome to my new baby girl!

9 Dec

Holy fall and winter chaos people….I’m so sorry that it’s been 2 months since I’ve updated!

First an foremost – we have a baby girl on the way. Kira Emmalin F. should be here within 6 to 9 weeks, since I’m already at 30 weeks and 4 days. For the record, Paige came 1 day short of 37 weeks, so we’ll see if Kira decides to start coming on her own or if she’ll be evicted. Yes, c-section #2, will be happening – which is why I know she’ll be here within 9 weeks. Makes it nice to count down, but we still have that unknown if she decides to come on her own.

I’m starting to home school Paige. At 2 years and  3 months, she’s a little young, but she picks up so much. She knows her numbers and can recognize up to 11 (in both English and Spanish), she knows all of her letters (both upper and lower case), colors, most shapes, she can follow directions, mimics rhythms, loves to read…and more I’m not remembering. Her vocabulary is exploding, so it’s just a waiting game until she can re-tell us stories. She is definitely NOT ready for potty training though…which is fine. I have no intentions of rushing that. I think too many people rush it and I’m sure she’ll do it when she’s ready.

Cloth diapering is going great and I seem to have a system down. I still have disposables on hand for days when we go out all day (especially when I know it’s pooping time and that we won’t be home until long after it usually happens) or short weekends when I don’t want to drag the laundry around. I have come to find that I really don’t like disposables though…there is ALWAYS a leak with them and I rarely have a leak in cloth (and that’s usually when I leave it for far too long).

I joined the local MOPS group and can’t believe I didn’t do this before now. It’s GREAT to get out of the house for a few hours and really talk about things with other moms. Helps that they have great people to watch the kids, so Paige likes going to play. It will be better when she’s old enough to move rooms so she has more structure (she’s probably the oldest in her room). I really like the ladies that I’m grouped with and actually ended up in the group with one of the pastor’s wives from the church we joined. I didn’t even realize that until this morning, but it’s nice to be able to see her in a “human” factor.

I do believe that is my catch up for the past few months. We’ve been traveling like crazy, but I’m happy that we’re finally in the final stretch with this pregnancy, with Mom’s thyroid treatments, and with the holidays. It’s just been a busy and crazy couple of months 🙂



Tomorrow, Tomorrow!

7 Oct

Tomorrow we find out if the little peanut (who is STILL insisting on making me ill) is a Ryker or a Kira. I’m excited and don’t really care either way, even though I keep telling Dave that it’s going to be another girl.

So you – what’s your guess? Team hotdog (lol)?

I’m ready to find out. See, I’m a planner. I’m ready to start working on the nursery again, ready to pick up a few new cute outfits (though we’re going to be huge on hand-me-downs!), ready to start calling the child by their name. I’m also ready to start having a few chit-chats a day about how they shouldn’t be making mommy so stinking sick all of the time.

Paige will be going with us and I’m hoping that helps her understand a little more. She knows that she’s going to be a big sister, but she’s still a little young to fully grasp the situation. However, she is SO incredibly smart that I wouldn’t really put anything past her.

I’ll update and let you know what we’re having tomorrow evening 🙂



Car Seat Soapbox

5 Aug

Well, I’m not back just yet :-P. I know everyone is just awaiting an update with bated breath, but I’ll have to do that later. Instead, this will be my “preachy” entry full of videos.

Less than a year ago, I didn’t know anything. Paige was approaching her 1st birthday and while I knew we weren’t going to flip her around the day of, I had thoughts of flipping her from rear to forward facing by 18 months. And then I did my research.

It’s bad news people. Did you know that some European countries require, REQUIRE rear facing to 4 years and 45 pounds?! This is not them being over-protective, this is them KNOWING what could happen.

***edit for some laws***

Most states are moving toward an 8 and 80 rule (8 years and 80 pounds), but that’s ONLY for a booster. And putting your child in a booster with the adult belts isn’t ideal until they are at an adult height/weight. From what I’ve read, most states follow a 1 and 20 and 4 and 40 rule for the actual car seats. Meaning children MUST rear-face for their first year and be 20 pounds and then forward face in a 5 point harness. In Ohio though, the only ruling for 4 and 40 is that they “must ride in a car seat or booster that is appropriate for the child’s age and weight.”. Meaning you could put your child in a booster at 3. I would like to see the laws change to at least 3 and 35; 6 and 65; and 10 and 100. I doubt that will ever happen here though.

And what I would REALLY like to see? A US made rear-facing seat that will hold the child up to 55 pounds. I’m not 100% sure, but I think it’s illegal to use a car seat imported from somewhere else, which is a shame. But I think car seat manufacturers are waking up and we might see some movement that way.

***end edit***

The car seat we have for Paige only goes up to 35 pounds and I’m actually considering purchasing a super-expensive Sunshine Kids seat so she can rear-face to 45 pounds. Yes, it’s that important to me.

Also, while I have your attention….CHECK THE DATES ON YOUR CAR SEATS! Most car seats expire no later than 10 years from the manufacture date. I know my cousin got used seats (which is a no-no unless you KNOW the person and know for an absolute FACT that they weren’t in any sort of crash) that she used for the twins that were 14 years old (and then they wanted me to use them for Paige!)! Plastic breaks down over time and some seats even require you to not use them after 7 or 8 years (or even less…). Yes, it sucks to have to buy new seats, but I would rather spend the money than to put my babies in harm’s way.

And you don’t have to buy top-of-the-line expensive seats, just do your research. It will pay off, I promise.

So…for what I came for….videos.

Why I rear-face:

Why I plan to keep Paige in the harness up to the limit of 65 pounds on her seat (or longer if I get a new seat)

Paige’s Big Annoucement

21 Jun

Okay, so it’s kind of early to be announcing it, but I figure I’d be blogging about it anyway if something happened….so now you know.

Due end of Jan./beginning of Feb. and by my calculations I’m between 6 and 7 weeks along. Exciting!

A Journal-type Post

13 May

I haven’t felt like writing lately. I’m just going through one of my funks…where I’m on every day, but just can’t seem to find some thing to write about.

I’ve gained back 3 pounds over the past month….which, considering I was on vacation for almost 3 weeks of it is not surprising. So I may not hit my goal of 30 pounds before June, but I’m still really close to it (hey, even with 3 back, I’m at 26-27 gone!). I should note that I don’t “count” a weight loss until I can keep it off for a week. I’m joining a challenge this summer that a woman is putting together ( It’s pretty much you committing to walking/running 120 miles over three months. I already do about 12 a week on average, so this will just keep me honest since I’ll have more vacations coming up. You can join us if you want! Running, walking, using the elliptical all counts….biking does not :-P. Really easy and doesn’t have to cost you more than the cost of a good pair of running/walking shoes (if you don’t already have some!).

I’ve been feeling incredibly down in the dumps lately. I think not being pregnant (even though I knew when I ovulated this month and I know for a fact we missed it {Since it was while I was in Colorado}) this month is just killing me. We’re at 6 months in and while that’s not long at all, it still sucks. Especially since a friend of mine got pregnant their first time out (baby is due Dec. 31st). But this….THIS will be our month. I know I left it up to God, but I’m starting to get antsy.

While Dave was gone (again) this week, I finally put together my scrap-booking station in the office. It’s not much, but I’ve FINALLY got everything in order. Once I remember to bring my camera upstairs, I’ll show you. Ikea is my best friend though. Now I just need to put it to use. But I’ve got it even set up to where I can plug my iPhone into the stereo and listen to my music. Also, I made a play-room up here for Paige…so she can play while I work. I decided that giving up some space in the spare room (the very few people who stay here can either deal with the couple toys or sleep in the basement!) was something I was willing to do. It also helps to know that when child #2 does come along, Paige will be sharing her room. As long as we keep it the way I want it (no toys, just reading/sleeping allowed), we shouldn’t have any problems. And kids don’t REALLY need privacy until later in life. In fact, depending on when #2 and #3 come along, all 3 may stay in that room (it’s a BIG room). Just depends on when we can financially afford to finish the basement (so guests really can stay down there….right now, the bed is just set up. It’s nice, but it’s just a basement! :-P).

I’ve also re-arranged some areas of the house and Paige is now allowed to run all over the main floor. It’s annoying a little bit, because toys end up in the front room, but she needs to learn how to deal with freedom and not get into trouble. And she’s definitely getting to the point where she can help clean up. I just really needed to re-claim my living room. Not being able to walk through it was really getting on my nerves. Now the only room that really needs work is our bedroom, but I’ll get there.

Anyway…I took a break from scrap-booking to write this and I should probably get back to the page I was working on and finish before Paige wakes up from her nap.