Adventures in Cloth Diapering

16 Aug

Our foray into cloth diapering will be starting in the next week. Granted, I’m not starting with much (2 covers, 10 inserts {though I have TONS of prefolds that we used as spit rags that I might be able to make work}), but I told Dave that I didn’t want to jump in with both feet right away. We still have almost 2 boxes of diapers left (though I MIGHT work through the one I have opened and take back the other. Hey, it’s $30! That’s 2 more covers and 4 more inserts!).

I’m starting with these:

It’s pretty much an all-in-one system, but supposedly isn’t good for babies under 8 or 9 pounds, so we might end up starting the new baby in Pampers (unless it’s bigger than Paige) and moving to cloth after a couple weeks. No biggie…I can deal with one or two packs of diapers. And it’s not like Paige can’t use them. I LOVE that I won’t have to worry about who gets what diaper!

If I were to completely outfit us using the Flip diapers, IĀ would need to spend around $350. That’s about 11 boxes of diapers and with 2 (and possibly, 3) going through diapers, it will be well worth it.

So now I just have to make sure that we can do this and the laundry doesn’t kill me. That was Dave’s biggest concern. The nice thing about the Flip system is that they do offer a disposable insert that’s considerably cheaper and very convenient for the times that you would need disposables…although I don’t know many times that I would need it. My family won’t have any problems with us washing diapers in their machines, I’d just have to bring my own detergent (since you can’t use a commercial brand…the Melaleuca I use would work though since it’s all natural, so I won’t even have to switch that!).

I’m a little nervous that I’m going to absolutely HATE it and will have wasted money. But I’ve only invested $60 so far…and hopefully, this will be a good change.

I’ll let you know how it all works out. But if you have any tips for me, let me know. I’m doing my internet research, but I’m still slightly freaked out that I’m going to mess things up!

PS. still sick, but I felt the baby kick today. It will all be worth it in the end šŸ™‚



Car Seat Soapbox

5 Aug

Well, I’m not back just yet :-P. I know everyone is just awaiting an update with bated breath, but I’ll have to do that later. Instead, this will be my “preachy” entry full of videos.

Less than a year ago, I didn’t know anything. Paige was approaching her 1st birthday and while I knew we weren’t going to flip her around the day of, I had thoughts of flipping her from rear to forward facing by 18 months. And then I did my research.

It’s bad news people. Did you know that some European countries require, REQUIRE rear facing to 4 years and 45 pounds?! This is not them being over-protective, this is them KNOWING what could happen.

***edit for some laws***

Most states are moving toward an 8 and 80 rule (8 years and 80 pounds), but that’s ONLY for a booster. And putting your child in a booster with the adult belts isn’t ideal until they are at an adult height/weight. From what I’ve read, most states follow a 1 and 20 and 4 and 40 rule for the actual car seats. Meaning children MUST rear-face for their first year and be 20 pounds and then forward face in a 5 point harness. In Ohio though, the only ruling for 4 and 40 is that they “must ride in a car seat or booster that is appropriate for the child’s age and weight.”. Meaning you could put your child in a booster at 3. I would like to see the laws change to at least 3 and 35; 6 and 65; and 10 and 100. I doubt that will ever happen here though.

And what IĀ would REALLY like to see? A US made rear-facing seat that will hold the child up to 55 pounds. I’m not 100% sure, but I think it’s illegal to use a car seat imported from somewhere else, which is a shame. But I think car seat manufacturers are waking up and we might see some movement that way.

***end edit***

The car seat we have for Paige only goes up to 35 pounds and I’m actually considering purchasing a super-expensive Sunshine Kids seat so she can rear-face to 45 pounds. Yes, it’s that important to me.

Also, while IĀ have your attention….CHECKĀ THEĀ DATES ONĀ YOURĀ CARĀ SEATS! Most car seats expire no later than 10 years from the manufacture date. I know my cousin got used seats (which is a no-no unless you KNOW the person and know for an absolute FACT that they weren’t in any sort of crash) that she used for the twins that were 14 years old (and then they wanted me to use them for Paige!)! Plastic breaks down over time and some seats even require you to not use them after 7 or 8 years (or even less…). Yes, it sucks to have to buy new seats, but I would rather spend the money than to put my babies in harm’s way.

And you don’t have to buy top-of-the-line expensive seats, just do your research. It will pay off, I promise.

So…for what I came for….videos.

Why I rear-face:

Why I plan to keep Paige in the harness up to the limit of 65 pounds on her seatĀ (or longer if I get a new seat)

July 21st

21 Jul

I’ve been lacking in updates lately and it’s only going to get worse. My apologies and I hope that most of you still read me when the fall finally hits.

So first off….the bank will give us our money back, but we have to dispute the charges ourselves. Which stinks, but hopefully we can do that soon and get this behind us. As of 2 days ago, the larger charges hadn’t hard hit our account and we have to wait until then. The good news is that we may not even have to worry about over-draft charges since Dave’s paycheck got put into the account the day after this happened. Thank GOD it happened when it did or we’d be out 3-4 THOUSAND dollars. It’s actually rare that our account only has $500 in it, so the fact that that was all they got away with was a blessing. And my new card showed up within 2 days, instead of the 7-10 business days I was quoted. It’s nice when things work out like that.

We have been trying to not concentrate on Mom’s cancer, mainly because it’s easier to scare yourself than it is to have hope when you’re searching Dr. Google. But here’s what I know: Papillary thyroid cancer is the most common and most treatable cancer. Usually, they can just take the thyroid and the cancer is gone. However, the best cases are when the patient is under 40 (Mom is 49), it’s only in 1 or two lesions (it’s in all 4), and the lesions are all under 1.5 cm (the smallest is 1.1×1.1x.0.8 and the largest is 2.2×2.2x?). At this point we have to just wait and see what the surgeon has to say. The best worse case scenario is that it’s only spread to the lymph nodes, which they can take out as well. The worst would be if it spread to other areas of the throat or even to the lungs. She’ll most likely have to go through Radioactive Iodine (RAI) treatments to make sure all of the cancer cells are killed. It’s much less intensive than chemo or even radiation therapy, but she’ll have to be in seclusion for over a week. From what we’ve read, she’ll have one treatment at 6-8 weeks out from the surgery and then another at 6-8 months. But that’s dependent on what the surgeon thinks is needed. Thankfully, Mom has about 16 weeks of sick leave saved up and also has disability insurance that kicks in at 2 months (and I think back-pays…) so she won’t have to use all of her sick leave. She’ll probably still end up taking a good chunk out of it, but this is why she’s saved it for so long.

Me? I’m okay…this pregnancy is making me incredibly sick and tired. Lisa passed along some ginger chews that help, but nothing has worked more than an hour or two. The good news is, I’m not actually throwing up. But the level of nausea I have almost makes me wish I would just throw up and get it over with for the day! Paige has been great, but I think she’s moving to get rid of her naps. That, I’m not happy about. Even when she gives up sleeping, we’re still going to have “quiet time” in the afternoon. I think it’s a good practice for all involved. When she gets older, that can be her reading time.

My aunt is driving down today from Wisconsin. I need to give her a call to see how they are doing and get an approximate arrival time. I’m thinking it will be around 9 tonight, but it would be nice if they could get here earlier. Not only because I know the drive is seriously long (especially with 2 toddlers and 1 adult), but also since Paige goes to be at 9:30. Won’t be the end of the world if she’s up until 10 or so, she’ll just sleep in tomorrow. Child’s schedule is already messed up, so I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle anyway :-P.

Okay…I’ve been upright too long. Maybe laying down will help with the sickness. How much longer?!


From July 14th…

21 Jul

1) My mom has thyroid cancer. From what I’ve read, this is the “best” kind of cancer to have because it is pretty treatable. However, there are quite a few things that could be problematic and I’m sure I’ll get into it at some point. I’ve been pretty broken down today, but I keep telling myself that it WILL be okay. We’re just in a holding pattern right now. She sees the surgeon to get her thyroid out on the 29th and then we’ll hopefully know more.

2) Someone stole my debit card number and cleaned out our checking account. They got away with almost $500. Thankfully, we have savings, but it’s still embarrassing to not be able to pay for the meal you just ordered. I was given our food for free (I’ve already sent the girl a thank you note because I knew her in high school), which made me about cry. You don’t know what that little bit of kindness does to help a person…in this case, it got Paige fed (which is the important part). So thank you Jennie. And screw you whoever stole our money. I hope you get yours.

To say it’s been a crappy couple of days is a real understatement.


Fat Butt Fridays (early)

24 Jun

I’m doing this early because tomorrow we have a doctor’s appointment for the baby and I’m doing the single parent thing until Sunday (Dave’s coming back for the appointment, but only for the appointment…so that makes me even more exhausted). Thankfully, Paige is a wonderful child and even though we have our moments where I want to just pull my hair out (Hello terrible 2’s), she’s really not bad.

Now that I’m pregnant (woohoo!), I’m not really dieting. With Paige, I gained a whole 10 pounds and I hope to do the same with this pregnancy. So while I’m not dieting, I’m still watching what I eat and exercising. I’m not going to try to lose weight at all, but to need to eat over 3000 calories a day (I think the total was 3150 or something like that) after eating 2200-2500 is kind of difficult to do. I know, I’m complaining about eating more…who am I?! I refuse to stop exercising though…and I don’t want to fill up on junk, so we’ll just see what happens. I’m sure my doctor will discuss it with me if there’s a problem (and I plan to discuss it with him tomorrow).

I’m sitting right around 280 right now, so I DID make my goal for the month. I’d like to not go over 290 for the pregnancy, but we’ll see what happens. I know weight gain for someone of my size is generally 10-15 pounds.

I’m still doing the 120 mile challenge, which is actually a great thing. Having that hanging over my head has really motivated me to get out of bed in the morning and get to the gym. It’s also motivated me to go farther. For instance, I know I need to be at 40 miles by Wednesday, so I went to the gym this morning and I was just EXHAUSTED when I woke up. I told myself that I would go for 2 miles on the elliptical (about 30 minutes since I need to keep my heart rate at or under 140) and take it from there. I did a full hour and 4.5 miles. I’m still tired, but I feel better about what I’ve accomplished. And I’m that much closer to the goal.

(Even though I’m not keeping up with the weight-loss, I’m going to keep it in this form so all is ready to go :-). Plus, I like to keep track of my weight because I did lose a bunch of weight at first with Paige and I want to make sure I stay healthy)

So here are the updates:

Starting weight: 312 (yes, I know)

Goal Weight: 180

Goal loss: 132 pounds (not in play until March 2011)

Current weight: 280

Current loss: 32 pounds

Last Week’s mile total: 23

This Week’s Miles: 14.5

Total Mileage: 37.5

Paige’s Big Annoucement

21 Jun

Okay, so it’s kind of early to be announcing it, but I figure I’d be blogging about it anyway if something happened….so now you know.

Due end of Jan./beginning of Feb. and by my calculations I’m between 6 and 7 weeks along. Exciting!

Little changes

13 Jun

Today, Dave and I took Paige to the Reds game (we’re pretty big fans and try to hit a few games a year. We’re up to 3 or 4 so far and I’m sure we’ll hit more!). We park in the garage where he works and walk down to the game, since it’s already paid for, but it’s about a 1/2 mile walk for us one way. Last year, I dreaded the walk.

And honestly? Still not a fan after the game when I’m hot, sweaty, thirsty, and just generally tired from wrangling the child and dealing with the heat. (BTW, I totally resemble a tomato after today’s game. I REALLY need to remember sunscreen for myself…I spray Paige just about every inning, but usually only spray myself down once)

But today, Dave and I were walking up the hill, chit-chatting when he says to me “Do you remember last year? Man, we huffed and puffed like crazy just walking up this one hill!”.

And it’s true…I would be so out of breath that I had no chance to talk and feel like I was going to pass out. But now…I can carry on a conversation. I was still tired, but I was beginning to border on heat exhaustion, which more than explains that.

It’s a minor thing in the long run. The hill isn’t that big compared to others that I’ve walked/run in my life, but it just shows how things have changed. How I’VE changed. This is great, I love how much better I feel and I love how it’s also effecting Dave. Maybe this will rub off on Paige and she’ll grow up more active than we were. I can only hope.