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Building Chronicals Pt. 2

19 May

Over the weekend, we met with the security experts at Brinks to discuss the system that would be set up in our new! house! While the presentation wasn’t the most organized, I think we’ve got things set up. I’m so excited to be able to go to sleep and know that I’m protected or to go on vacation and know that someone will know if the house is being broken in to.

All of our doors and downstairs windows will be contacted, plus the windows in Paige’s room and the spare room (which will be baby #2’s room) will be contacted as well. No sneaking out of our house!

We’ll have two keypads, so we can easily get to one if there happens to be a problem. And considering we’re thinking about giving up the house phone, we feel the need to have SOMETHING. Though if Cincinnati Bell is decent with service, we may be transferring to their company (cell + internet + home phone = $115, whereas we’re paying $95 for cell and $65 for home phone + internet) and keeping the house line.

I’m excited to have the house wired for security and excited that this is going to be MY house that I can make all the decisions about. Okay, so the husband has to agree…but you all know he’ll go my way :-P.

Now they just need to actually break ground…


The Building Chronicals pt. 1

14 May

Technically, we’ve been in the process since about mid-March. But after not being sure that it was REALLY, REALLY happening, I didn’t want to start documenting the process until we knew that an actual hole was in the process. This is probably going to be boring…just sayin’.

Decided in February that it was time to buy a house. The whole $8000 tax credit helped solidify the decision, so it became a matter of finding a place to eventually call our own. We looked at a good cross-section of available Cincinnati houses on the market (from $300,000 to $60,000), but just didn’t find one that we were in love with. We liked the idea of an older house, however, we don’t have tons of time, need it to be safe from day 1, and are incredibly inexperienced with home repairs. For the record? $300,000 is about 2 times what we can afford to pay currently thanks to student loans. We did, however, find a realtor who was incredibly nice (Dottie Schute of Sibcy Cline if you need one!), so it wasn’t a complete loss of time.

I found myself checking out building sites and found two companies (Ryan and M/I) that I was interested in. Builders had been slashing prices, so building a house was now affordable. We started with both places, pricing out different houses and discussing what we wanted. We even checked out a few contracted builders, but just couldn’t afford the house we wanted with a decent plot of land. So we went back and forth between the two companies and continued to look at houses.

Part of the deciding factor for me was one of the last houses we checked out. It was a Ryan landominium (seriously?!) and at 11 years out, had a crack through the basement. Ryan’s structural warrenty only lasted 10 years and while the crack didn’t signify that the structure was compromised, it wasn’t a comfort either. Plus, I didn’t love the floor plans that Ryan had.

So back to M/I, where we priced out yet another house. Slightly more than we wanted to pay, but would have all the extras we wanted, 22oo sq. feet of living space, and a full basement. 2 days after the meeting, I put $1000 down on the land plot, which held a large corner lot for us. And less than a week later, we signed the papers. Since then, our house has already gone up about $6000 in price, so it’s appreciating even before it’s built :-P.

However, there was another snag. We had planned to use our tax return as the down-payment and ended up having it pulled back by the Feds. (Long story, but it deals with student loans again and to say I loath the loan companies doesn’t even scratch the surface of my hatred) *sigh* A contingency was put on the contract until we could get the $5000 we needed as a down-payment. The full amount of our tax refund came back about 6 weeks later and we pull the contingency off as quickly as we could.

Then the waiting game began.

We waited for a week because we were told all of our paper work would be in by then. I called on Thursday and still no signs of it. We were told again that it was being worked on over the weekend and would be in by the next Wednesday. Finally called again on Thursday, where I got no answers. But I finally got a hold of Sherri (she’s incredibly nice…and almost has to be to deal with those of us who get frustrated when things don’t happen) and set up our buyer/builder conference for yesterday morning.

It was great to meet the gentleman who will be over-seeing our house and to actually get a look at the plans. The only down-fall was that we found out that our permits weren’t going to be in until the 14th. *sigh* So still waiting. However, the house should still be done by September and the actual digging will commence within the next two weeks.

Now, I’m getting excited.

And we begin the process of building a house. Of picking out colors and working on room arrangements.

You know what else is cool? Dave and I got these:

043(She makes a much cuter model than me)

Having a hardhat just makes it seem so much more official, doesn’t it?

Let the building begin!